Fortnite Coming to Nintendo Switch

It looks like Fortnite is coming to Switch. 

The Korean game ratings board has issued an official rating for the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite, which historically isn’t the kind of thing that a ratings board does just because it’s a slow Friday. If you need further proof of Fortnite‘s upcoming existence on Switch, there’s this leaked list of E3 titles that includes a tease for Fortnite on Switch as well as games like StarlinkDragon Ball FighterZ for Switch, and Overcooked 2

Wait…Overcooked 2? Forget Fortnite, this is an Overcooked 2 story now. 

All right, all right, we’ll get back to Fortnite. While there has been no official announcement concerning the Switch version of Fortnite, and thus no official details regarding the game, this move doesn’t really shock anyone. Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular games, and Epic has been working to bring the title to all platforms at some point. The Android version of Fortnite is expected to be released sometime this summer, which might mean that you can expect to see the Switch version of Fortnite come out around the same time. 

There’s no reason to believe that the Switch version of Fornite will have to make any technical compromises given that Fortnite runs pretty well on an iPhone. As far as cross-play goes, it’s very likely that Fortnite will be compatible with other platforms given that Nintendo supports cross-play with games like Minecraft. Of course, we can’t really guarantee that the Switch version will be compatible with the PlayStation 4 given Sony’s uneven policies on the matter. 

In other Fortnite news, it turns out that shopping carts are really the game’s first vehicle and that the game continues to dominate the competition largely because it happens to run well on a variety of platforms. Fancy that. 

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