Follow These Tips to Make Better Yoga, Food or Fitness Videos

The trend of vlogging is rising at a rapid pace. Therefore, many people are thinking of developing their own YouTube career. Opening a channel on this platform has never been easier. The combination of the hugely popular trend of vlogging and the easy access to the platform has resulted in a vast number of video channels. However, not every channel is successful. For developing a successful career like this, simply opening a channel and starting to film is not enough.

For starting a successful channel, your videos should get more likes and views, which can be achieved by posting good content. Hence, you must ensure that you post relevant and engaging content for your audience.

People these days are obsessed with health and fitness. Therefore, they are continually searching the Internet for content related to yoga, fitness, and food. However, exercise caution when filming something which can directly influence peoples’ health.  Also, you can always check what the Internet has to offer in terms of proper video making. For instance, visiting VideoCreek for more information might be helpful.

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Tips to Make Yoga, Food, or Fitness Videos

To make the perfect health and fitness videos, you should follow these tips and tricks:

Content Planning

The first and the most crucial step before filming anything is the planning of content. Your content should be relevant and exciting. It should be able to engage more and more users. When it comes to content planning, you should pay attention to the fact that everything you post should be well-structured and arrange logically. Therefore, strategic posting will definitely save you a lot of time later on. Not only is it advisable to plan the grand picture of your channel, but you should also plan what you are going to film in each video specifically.

The plan should include the various benefits of the food and yoga poses. Specify the proven facts about everything. In this way, you will be able to gain trust from your audience. In case you are not completely sure about something, you should either research it or simply give up the idea of talking about it. It is better not to mention something than spread false information. You can also include diet charts that describe the nutritional value of every food item. Make sure that you provide high-quality content.

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Find the Perfect Audience

When it comes to this topic, the audience is one of the most important factors for a successful channel. Therefore, decide on who your target audience will be. Everything that is included in your video should be focused on the viewers. Focus on their problems and provide solutions. People always want to learn something while engaging in the content of this type. Thus, by incorporating interesting facts and useful information, you will gain the trust of your audience, as well as expand the numbers of your subscribers.

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Be Original

Everything you post should be 100% original. Don’t try to imitate other bloggers, who have come up with unique content. Copying others will only lead to the loss of followers and decreased ratings. No one will watch a video that they have already watched somewhere else, simply because people don’t want to spend their time watching something similar twice. Instead, they will move on from your content to someone who is bringing something original to the YouTube scene.

However, you can always get inspiration from some famous yoga instructors or fitness bloggers. Focus on the key points that have made their videos famous. Inspect and analyze their work ethic, and think through how they managed to become successful. This will help you with learning about the ways in which the whole industry functions and it might help you with developing your own strategy.

Then, you can create your own content following their method. But, do not copy. In case you need to reference a video, cite it in the beginning. This will prevent any copyright issues from arising, and it is only fair to cite someone who served you as the inspiration for the idea.

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Good Video Equipment

Use an excellent DSLR for shooting. Users do not prefer content shot with phones or low-quality cameras. This is because the exercise and yoga videos are somewhat unique, due to the fact that poses must be clearly visible. In the case of food videos, the ingredients and the procedure should also be in HD. This will make it easier for users to understand what’s going on. You can also use a promo video maker in order to edit what you have filmed.  Other factors such as audio quality and lighting cannot be ignored.

Buy a good microphone that ensures noise cancellation. Be sure to check the audio after every segment to ensure it is clear. Additionally, the lighting should be proper. In dim lights, the picture quality is compromised. Always shoot in natural light.

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Arrange Proper Ambiance

People are always interested in beautiful sceneries and backgrounds. For this, you should shoot in a neat and tidy space. The background should be attractive and relevant to the topic you are exploring. For instance, a yoga video should always be shot in an open and green environment. Moreover, for this kind of filming, you will need to have proper exercise equipment such as a yoga mat, an exercise ball, dumbbells, skipping rope, etc. Therefore, investing in this kind of equipment is also necessary, and it will definitely pay off once your channel starts growing.

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Keep It as Simple as You Can

Always keep in mind that all types of audiences watch health and fitness content. So, keep things simple. Use simple language that is easy for everyone to understand. Usually, people give up watching something because they cannot comprehend what is being explained. In order to avoid this scenario, explain the meanings of complex terms used in the video. For example, in the case of a complicated yoga asana, explain the pose’s proper formation. In this way, you will be able to have a diverse audience who will understand what you are explaining and the results will also be better since they will be able to do the exercises correctly. Moreover, they will also be able to make delicious meals or follow diet plans.

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Proper Editing

After shooting the video, make sure to edit it properly. Watching what you have actually filmed is a must. Not only does it make you a true professional, but you will also be able to work on the stuff you filmed and improve its quality. Arrange all the segments attractively. Delete any portion that might be irrelevant to health and fitness. You can also include pictures of the various food and fitness exercises in between.

Search for new information related to how to edit videos for YouTube. This will help you to understand the basics behind this type of editing. If the editing is done correctly, it will make it entertaining and help you gain more views. Also, later on, if your channel grows and you develop a successful career, you can always hire a professional to do the editing for you.

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Focus on Quality Rather than Perfection

Everyone wants their content to be perfect. It is a myth that the professionally-shot videos have the highest number of followers. Rather, the content which is engaging and easier for the audience to understand is usually liked more.

Although having the proper equipment is essential, it does not mean that you cannot succeed without it. Some of the home shot videos have more viewers than professionals because of content quality. Therefore, remember to always work creatively and think outside of the box.


Everyone is trying their hands at fitness videos these days. But not all are succeeding. There is a lack of proper knowledge on how to make better yoga, food, and fitness content. Finding an audience, being original, having adequate equipment, and a suitable ambiance are some ways to improve health-related videos. As long as you put in the effort, and you have the enthusiasm to think creatively and work hard, you don’t have to worry – you will, without a doubt, develop a successful career in yoga, food or fitness vlogging, and your subscribers will appreciate it!

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