Fans Lick His Decapitated Head –

The Weeknd has been known to push the limits in his music videos, and he’s done it again with ‘Too Late.’ Two women have fun with his decapitated head before attaching it to a stripper’s body for a good time.

The Weeknd certainly topped himself when it came to the concept for his new music video for “Too Late.” The good news for the 30-year-old is that he didn’t have to do much heavy lifting, as his inanimate severed head is used as a prop for most of the video. He then comes to life at the very end once it is sewn onto the body of a murder victim. The way he is awakened from the dead is thanks to two fresh female plastic surgery patients having their way with him intimately.

The vid opens innocently enough, with the shot of a SUV driving through the Hollywood Hills. The voices of two women are heard, with one saying, “I feel really good about surgery this time. I think it’s going to look really good, you know what I mean?” while the other replies, “I already feel so beautiful.” Then things take a very wild turn.

The Weeknd attends the ‘Uncut Gems’ premiere in Hollywood, CA on ​December 11, 2019. Photo credit: AP.

The vehicle then stops short, and the women in the front seat both have gauze bandages covering their heads and noses following plastic surgery. In the middle of the road is a cleanly severed head, belonging to The Weeknd — real name Abel Tesfaye. His sunglasses and stud earrings are in place, while his hair looks neat in short curls. “Oh my God, is that who I think it is?” one of the women asks upon closer inspection, while they other excitedly says “He’s SO hot!” Even though it is just a motionless head.

The Weeknd
The Weeknd performs during a Yasalam After-Race concert in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on Nov. 23, 2018. Photo credit: AP.

The ladies bring the head back to their mansion, where they change into sexy swimsuits and proceed to lick and kiss Abel’s severed head in the swimming pool. Eventually they invite over a male stripper, but put newspaper underneath the floor where ends up doing a sexy dance and showing off his six pack abs. One of the women then walks up behind the hottie and gruesomely slits his throat, killing him.

The blood-soaked women then sew The Weeknd’s head onto the body of the stripper (after assumably decapitating him). Oddly enough, the body now has on the same red jacket and black shirt and tie that The Weeknd wore to perform his mega-smash “Blinding Lights” at the 2020 MTV VMAs. Then the fun really begins! The new Franken-Abel is then placed on a bed where the ladies then perform certain “acts” to bring Abel back to life with his head on a new body! The Weeknd is eventually shown in quick cuts singing to the chorus of the song as the ladies go at it with their “creation” on a bed. This video is definitely not for the faint hearted, and should not be viewed at work! But Abel managed to combine gore and sex into a very glossy music video.

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