Everything You Need To Know About The 200R4 Transmission

The Turbo-Hydramatic transmission line is the renowned household of transmissions created as well as made by General Motors. It was presented originally in the 1960s as well as remained to be made till 2012. It has 3 ahead rates as well as is longitudinally installed. This household of transmissions had a really vast array of applications, from little block Chevys to high-power applications with huge blocks.

In 1981, the 200R4 transmission was presented by GM. It was the four-speed variation of the THM200, which, consequently, was the lightened variation of the THM350. The imperfections of the THM200 were surpassed in this brand-new version, as well as it was quickly taken on by several of the GM automobiles till 1990. It was additionally typically utilized to change old automobiles with the THM350, generally because of the 200R4’s overdrive.

For your transmission needs, you can most likely to professionals like GearStar.com, which can supply outstanding solution pertaining to hand-built custom-made transmissions for efficiency applications. Each transmission is custom-made by professional artisans, customized to your requirements as well as needs. That stated, below’s whatever you require to find out about the 200R4 transmission:

1. History

Source: The Manual

Due to the 1973 oil dilemma as well as OPEC oil stoppage, cars and truck makers were required to create lighter-duty automobiles to lower gas intake. The THM200 was established, which was the lighter-capacity variation of the THM350. It utilized alloys as opposed to iron-based products for some elements. It was presented in 1976 for GM automobiles as well as some rebadged Isuzu automobiles. It was commonly approved, yet was recognized to generate issues when utilized on larger engines, which was still the standard at that time.

In 1981, the 200R4 was launched as the enhanced variation of the THM200. The very first renovation was the enhancement of the fourth equipment, which was the overdrive equipment. Due to developments in products style, its building was additionally enhanced to deal with greater torque as well as power. It was coupled with numerous torque converters, which relied on the real car application. One of one of the most renowned high-power applications of the 200R4 was for the Buick Grand National as well as Pontiac Firebird, which were utilized as the Indy 500 speed automobiles. The 200R4 transmission was utilized on numerous various other traveler automobiles till it was eliminated in 1990.

2. Better Performance

Mainly because of its overdrive equipment, it was notoriously utilized by fanatics to update older automobiles mounted with the THM200, THM350, or THM400. Higher full throttle as well as wheel horse power can be attained with this more recent transmission, with the exact same or much better torque-handling capacities as its precursors. Due to it being presented on lower-powered manufacturing facility automobiles in its first years, it was believed to be just one of GM’s weak versions. But it is recognized to have actually been mounted on much higher-performance applications, as well as have actually been a lot more trustworthy than its older relatives like the 700R4. The 200R4 transmission is still being utilized to this particular day to update older versions to deal with even more power as well as greater rates.

3. Fuel Economy 

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Fuel performance might be at the base of the checklist of some cars and truck fanatics, yet the 200R4’s gas economic climate might be tough to disregard. It is a truth that some task automobiles are additionally being utilized as day-to-day chauffeurs, and also thus, travelling gas economic climate must still be thought about. Due to its greater overdrive equipment proportion as well as closer proportions for the reduced equipments, the engine’s power band might be made use of a lot more successfully, which results to reduce gas intake. Lower engine rates for the exact same car rates suggest much less gas is being shed, which might additionally have the favorable result of minimal damage on engine as well as drivetrain components.

4. Ease of Installation 

Due to its usual components as well as placing factors with numerous various other transmissions within the Turbo-Hydramatic household, it is extremely simple for fanatics to mount the 200R4 transmission on many GM automobiles. It can deal with the exact same quantity of power as the older three-speed boxes as well as is about the exact same measurements as the TH350 as well as PowerGlide transmissions.

5. Wide Range of Compatibility

It can be mounted for numerous aftermarket installments, also for automobiles that had transmissions from outside the Turbo-Hydramatic household. It is generally preferred by fanatics because of its greater drive proportions as well as much better integrity in dealing with high power contrasted to various other older transmission versions.

6. Competitive Pricing

Source: Gearstar

Being an older analog version, it is a lot easier to mount as well as more economical to buy. All these aspects make it a really affordable option for high-performance applications on a budget plan.


The 200R4 transmission might not be one of the most renowned transmissions in GM efficiency applications, yet it is a really qualified plan with a great deal of feasible applications. Compatibility with older automobiles installed with older three-speed transmissions makes it prominent with cars and truck fanatics as well as conservators, as well as it can deal with near to the exact same quantity of power as the 700R4. If you’re searching for a wonderful transmission for your car, the 200R4 might simply have the ability to provide you what your cars and truck requires.

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