Even H3 Review: Wireless Headphones That Give You a Hearing Test

The audio market is filled with headphones that try to place out essentially the most balanced, greatest sound signature doable, so listeners can hear each sonic element of their favourite tunes exactly as “the artist intended.” It’s a noble pursuit, nevertheless it assumes we’re all listening to the identical issues. In actuality, very similar to eyesight, all of us hear otherwise—and our ears proceed to vary as we age.

I loved utilizing the Nuraphones once I reviewed them earlier this 12 months. This space-age set of cans used a NASA-grade microphone to robotically map my listening to and create a customized profile. They regarded odd, however made music come alive in a recent approach.

Even is a startup with the same mission, however its personal method. Its newest, third-generation H3 wi-fi headphones offer you a listening to take a look at the quaint approach.

Instead of mapping out your ear utilizing high-tech means, Even’s H3 headphones play a tone that begins quiet and will get louder, and you could faucet a button on the appropriate earcup as quickly as you’ll be able to hear it. Rinse and repeat for eight totally different low to excessive frequencies for every ear, and bam! You’ve created your first EarPrint.

Style, Profile

On your cellphone, your customized EarPrint profile is visualized as a circle, with strains stretching inward at numerous frequencies, like an summary map pointing to components an iris in a textbook, or a robotic Pac-Man hooked as much as electrodes. It exhibits which frequencies you’ll be able to hear additional effectively, usually, or not effectively in any respect. Once you’ve gone by the method, you’ll be able to swap your EarPrint on or off both with a button or the companion app.

Naturally, how totally different it sounds will depend on your listening to. I didn’t discover an enormous change, although it did sound clearer and extra balanced. If my listening to was much less common, I might discover extra drastic modifications. Danny Aronson, Even’s co-founder and CEO, instructed me that serving to folks with numerous kinds of listening to loss, which embody a variety of older listeners, is basically the purpose. Many listeners, together with those that don’t hear a monumental shift, might discover that with their EarPrint on, music sounds louder. That’s not as a result of it’s really louder, it’s as a result of the headphones are mentioning the amount of the frequencies we usually can’t make out as effectively. This permits you to hear at decrease, safer volumes, in line with the CEO.

Comfortable, Connected

They might have began as a expertise proof-of-concept, however Even’s headphones are usually good to put on and well-priced at $150. They don’t have options like lively noise cancelling, however the earcups and headband are plush and lined in a tender fake leather-based. They additionally fold up properly, and twistable hangars allow you to rotate the cans once they’re off your ears, making them much less fatiguing to put on round your neck.

The controls are comparatively easy, however it’s straightforward to confuse the amount up, quantity down, and play buttons as a result of they’re the identical form with no distinguishing bumps or divots. I discovered myself counting them to search out the appropriate button, at first.


Unfortunately, it isn’t tough to inform how Even bought the value all the way down to $150—the bean counters have left their…ahem…EarPrints throughout these headphones. The buttons really feel low cost, and unfastened sufficient that the amount symbols rotate round. After a number of months, I nonetheless discover squeaking once I modify the H3 to place them on, and the EarPrint profile is not utilized when you use the included 3.5mm headphone twine, which is form of baffling. To get essentially the most from these headphones, it’s a must to use Bluetooth (and have a charged set of cans) to get any personalised sound from these cans.

For me, the lady’s voice that narrated the listening to take a look at was additionally a bit of too enthusiastic for my liking. The female voice was excessively encouraging throughout the EarPrint take a look at after which yelled “Yesss! Connected!” each time I turned the H3s on, to the purpose the place it felt like I used to be listening to an Herbal Essences industrial from the ’90s a number of occasions a day. It bought previous, quick.

As it stands, the Even H3 will not be the best possible on-ear headphones cash can purchase, however for $150 from Even or $200 from Best Buy they sound glorious. And if you already know your listening to could be wonky, they might make a distinction in your enjoyment of music and different content material. After utilizing them for a pair months, I actually do just like the underlying idea. More audio system and audio applications ought to have some form of customized sound profile tech built-in. It’s about time audio merchandise begin adapting to our ears, as a substitute of anticipating us to adapt to their preferrred.

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