Erik Selvig’s chalkboard, Sam the Night King slayer, and extra: The week’s craziest fan theories

The most implausible factor about this concept, which was aggregated by a number of information shops, is that it assumes that Thor: The Dark World will probably be of any significance to Avengers 4. Like, c’mon. Thor 2 is broadly considered one of many worst, most forgettable movies within the MCU. A aspect character’s loopy scribblings aren’t going to be the lynchpin within the franchise’s greatest film but.

Anyway, this concept is about as difficult because the very chalkboard ramblings its primarily based on, however the tl;dr is that Erik Selvig noticed what would occur in Avengers: Infinity War whereas contaminated with by thoughts stone within the first Avengers. In The Dark World, he wrote a bunch of stuff that, in keeping with this concept, predicted that Thanos’ actions would create a faultline within the universe, and that cosmic entities would grow to be concerned, someway. It’s considerably too difficult and obscure for it to be the fulcrum on which Avengers 4 truly operates round, and it is unclear if actor Stellan Skarsgård is even going to be within the film in any respect. (He reportedly has one film left in his take care of Marvel, besides, it appears unlikely that he’ll be elevated to most important character in Avengers 4).

Also, that chalkboard — which does include legit Easter eggs just like the “616” universe shout-out — is an Easter egg in a Thor film. These are explicitly not canon. Remember the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor and the reveal that it was “fake” in Ragnarok? Easter eggs, particularly within the Thor motion pictures, are enjoyable nods to comics lore, not an encoded blueprint for a future film. Heck, The Dark World got here out in theaters nearly a full 12 months earlier than Marvel even introduced Avengers 3 and 4.

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