Employee Activity Monitoring in Myriad Industries Hiring Co-Located and Remote Staff

More and more employees are starting to opt for co-located or remote work. In fact, according to a recent report, 43% of Americans did some or all of their work from home.

The increase in the number of remote workers has given rise to yet another trend: Employee activity monitoring. Its growth has been steady, and in many ways, it has gradually become essential in the myriad industries that hire co-located or remote staff.

If you want to know why this trend has grown to be what it is today, read on to find out right here and now.

Security and Insider Threat Prevention

In recent years there have been a number of high profile data breaches that have resulted in massive losses. It may sound surprising, but many of those breaches are actually caused by the actions of insiders as opposed to external players.

One good example of that is the fact that research has shown that 58% of healthcare PHI data breaches came from insiders. The part was caused by user errors and misuse, while the other part consisted of intentional actions.

Employee monitoring is the perfect tool to help prevent such insider threats and can bolster data security. That is especially true for companies that hire remote staff that may connect using devices that aren’t secure or that are compromised.

WorkExaminer.com is to monitor remote staff, it can track their actions. Its features will let you monitor the running apps, file transfers, emails, instant messaging chats, and other potential threats.

On top of that, Work, Examiner can capture evidence of user activity in the form of screenshots, keystroke logs, and activity reports. In that way, it can help to not only improve security but provide forensic evidence in the event of a data breach.

Source: teramind

Ensure Productivity

One of the main issues that companies have when hiring co-located or remote staff is that it is difficult to gauge productivity truly. Employee monitoring can help to solve that problem, and many companies find it preferable to relying on blind trust.

In that case, it is easy enough to track and gauge productivity. The features that are available will let you track the time spent working, monitor apps and online activity, and even view what employees are working on life.

The data that is gathered can then be used as a yardstick when measuring productivity. If an employee’s performance doesn’t meet expectations, you can refer to it to figure out whether the time is being wasted or there are any issues.

All in all, it can provide some much-needed oversight and make supervising remote employees much easier. It is definitely a far more effective solution than a simple punch card tool and will provide you with actionable data that you can analyze and use.

Source: fuse

Final Words

At this point, you should be able to see why the trend of using employee monitoring as an essential tool in industries that hire co-located or remote staff exists. The role that it plays is irreplaceable and will provide employees with the freedom and flexibility to work remotely while assuring employers at the same time.

If a significant number of your employees are working from home or other locations, you should definitely think about using this kind of service. The wide range of activity monitoring, filtering, and reporting features that it provides are second to none, and to be perfectly honest, it can help improve productivity within the office too.

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