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When it comes to exercising, thighs can be easy to forget about. Technically, they move whenever you walk, so it’s not like they’re always just sitting there motionless, but maybe you want more than that. If you lift things (or children) a lot, having strong thighs can definitely help. But you don’t have to dig around in your attic for an old ThighMaster (sorry, Susanne Somers) to get a great workout that tones your thighs. In fact, these thigh toner exercises don’t require any special equipment and are something you can do while you’re watching TV, in case that helps. But if you’ve never specifically tried to work on your thighs before, you may not know where to start. And that’s where we come in. Here are a few easy thigh toners exercises for people at every fitness level.

Feel the Burn

This thigh workout from @2gfitness seems like it’s easy, but trust us, it’s not, once you get all those reps in there.

Thighs + Butts

What’s better than a workout that targets your thighs? One like this that also gives you butt a workout, courtesy of FitnessBlender on YouTube.

Barre Legs

If you’ve always wanted to try barre, this workout from @ImaniWalkerPilates gives you a taste, while toning your thighs.

3-Minute Inner Thigh Burn

Short on time? This 3-minute thigh exercise from Lottie Murphy will make you feel accomplished (i.e. sore) without a huge time commitment.

Lower-Impact Thigh Workout

If you don’t want to do an exercise and then not be able to move the next day, this one from @livingbalancedwithlb might be the one for you. If this one’s too easy for you, you have the option of adding resistance bands.

Ballet-Inspired Workout

This almost-10-minute routine from Lucy Wyndham-Read mixes ballet moves with some serious thigh exercises. Pro: This video uses a chair and makes us feel like vintage Britney Spears. Con: If you scroll through Wyndham-Read’s list of other books/programs, there’s a lot of focus on dieting and losing fat. Just ignore that and stick with channeling your inner Britney.

At-Home Thigh Toner

Not only does this video by @mela_curves show you a great workout, it has really catchy music, too.

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