Does Marvel’s New Spider-Man Costume Point to a Black Widow Villain Connection?

I imagine that Peter Parker isn’t below that masks. This is Tony Masters, in any other case often called the Taskmaster. The identical villain and occasional antihero who might be represented on the massive display this May (perhaps) in Black Widow.

Hey, he’s even pulled off the glowing orange/gold eyes earlier than.

While it will likely be a number of months earlier than we get to that leg of the story, it definitely suits in sure methods. By March, Taskmaster might be ending up two miniseries. One is Taskmaster by Jed MacKay and Alessandro Vitti. That one ties nearer to the upcoming film by having him framed for homicide and being hunted down by Black Widow. His different huge look is King in Black: Thunderbolts, the place he and the remainder of the group are coping with the massive Venom crossover story. With these two tales performed, Taskmaster’s schedule is large open.

But there’s one other factor about that Thunderbolts storyline. These days, the Thunderbolts work for Mayor Wilson Fisk. While there aren’t any actual particulars within the solicitations for the Amazing Spider-Man points the place the brand new look debuts, it is rather obvious that Kingpin is a significant participant. More particularly, “And Kingpin’s plans start coming together!” and, “Kingpin makes it personal with Peter Parker and New York City itself will pay the price!”

Otherwise, the one notable line in any of the solicits is, “Peter Parker gets a new job!” Considering the outstanding STARK brand on the duvet to #63, it could possibly be that Peter is simply carrying one other Stark-created Spider-Man costume, since that labored so nicely for everyone final time. Then once more, whether it is Taskmaster, it could possibly be Tony or somebody like him behind the cash.

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