Many studies have shown a decrease in sexual desire that is related to smoking. A way to fix it is by adding a penis enhancement supplement to your diet such as Malegenix, which has been shown to increase performance, desire, and sex-drive. Men reported many issues for this lack of desire, such as easily losing their breath, feeling unattractive, and experiencing other difficulties keeping up with the demands placed on them when engaging in sexual intercourse. Many times, smoking can become a third member of the intimacy of a relationship, as a study conducted at the University of Arizona showed. This study monitored relationships where one member of the couple smoked and the results showed that smoking provided subtle clues to both members. When one member lit a cigarette, this might signal they need to have a discussion, give each other space, or become stressed and defensive, as a large and brutal argument was about to ensue.

The study counseled couples on the many ways cigarettes can become a toxic third member. To get rid of this habit, couples must examine and cultivate better ways of relating to each other.

It is well-known that not only can smoking become a lethal member of a healthy relationship, it directly diminishes sex. It can reduce fertility, satisfaction, and sexual desire in men, including those in their 20s and 30s.

This study also determined vast differences in the frequency of sex between nonsmoking men and those who smoked. On average, smokers had sex fewer than six times a month, whereas nonsmokers’ frequency was doubled.

Other experts have shown that smoking damages the smooth muscles of the penis and disrupts erectile functioning. To maximize the chance of achieving a maintainable erection, these muscles must be relaxed and free to expand. Smoking cessation can help.

To begin your new life with better sexual health, you must first speak up.


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