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You’ve been drinking coffee all your life, but in truth, how much do you know about what goes into your cup?

Many people don’t know the difference between a high or low roast, and frankly, aromas and scents just pass above them. And that’s a real shame because the coffee universe is fascinating. And we feel it’s worth discovering at least the basics of it, since we are, after all, practically ruled by coffee. (No? Just me? All right)


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Now, the coffee beans you use at your home or at the office aren’t freshly picked. When they are just picked, coffee beans have a dull green color, much like an unripe fruit. And no, you probably cannot make coffee out of them. Not at this stage, anyway.

After the beans have been picked, it is up to the roasters to figure out how much each bean needs to be roasted (now, that’s a tiring job). See, some beans have intense, chocolate aromas, while others are lighter. A good roaster has to spot these aromas quickly and then dictate how much the beans will roast.

The lighter aromas will naturally have a lighter roast because a high roast will just burn the aroma out of them. The more intense beans will be able to handle a higher roast, however. According to, the roasting itself takes place in a special sort of oven; set to the appropriate temperature (it can go up to 400 F degrees).

You can listen to the beans popping inside, as they roast (sort of like popcorn, but with a lot more energy and fewer calories).

Once the roasting is over, the oven transfers them to a cooling place that allows the beans to be handled by the roasters.

Though many aspects of the process are similar to wine, there is one main difference: coffee beans are best the closer they are to the day they were roasted (aka fresh).

Now that you know how coffee beans are made, we will next tell you some things and tales about coffee – you surely didn’t know:

1. Coffee the killer

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It has been a long known stereotype that coffee can kill the drinker. But did you know that they only die in case they consume 80-100 cups of coffee and all that in one go? Now you finally have the answer to all those people who try to stop you from drinking coffee – you’re welcome!

2. Coffee the healer

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Research studies done in 2014-2016 suggest that coffee can be used as a healer in several medical cases like it lowers the danger of heart attack, reduces the chances of colon cancer, they are good for your liver and lastly five cups on daily basis can help people live longer. Now those are benefits no one wants to miss out on.

3. Enhances the sexual drive

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It is there for all the ladies out there who feel that over the years after being a wife and mother they have gone too old. We have got some news, coffee will not only help you wake up but also get you an increase in your estrogen level (I mean, enhanced sexual drive). So what are you thinking start brewing those fresh coffee beans!

4. The coffee business is quite lucrative

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Meanwhile, $2 – $10 seem nothing to us for a good cup of coffee did you know that a single person can spend $1,100 on coffee in a year? It was thirty-four percent more than the amount of investment they did? If you are still thinking that the small coffee shop at the end of the lane doesn’t make much then you might be hugely mistaken.

5. Coffee and Brazil team in the Olympics

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Did it sound strange when you read it? The story behind it is even stranger. Back in 1932, Brazil didn’t have enough money to send its 69 athletes to the Olympics but they did have beans to spare. So they put them on a ship which was on a journey to deliver coffee beans to different countries. In the end, the athletes got to participate while Brazil did its coffee exports.

6. The coffee judgment

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Just like food critics, some people critique on coffee, the barista almost a chef too!

To accurately judge the taste the critics take hurried big gulps of coffee. This is done so that they can get all the flavor details of coffee at once because each part of the mouth detects a different taste (like there is a corner for sweetness and another for bitterness.)

7. 16th-century women believed coffee turned men into a corpse

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Back in 1600, the coffee shops were a place where only men gathered to gossip about their wives, politics and wean about their life issues. Now, this got the women angry, they released a pamphlet against coffee. Well, the men used to gossip, go home and then right to bed before they show any sort of feelings or do things to their woman. I mean that deserves a protest rally by the women.

8. Espresso isn’t strong

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I have met a lot of people who think that espresso is a stronger dose of coffee than brewed coffee. If you think that then a sip of freshly brewed coffee will change your perspective real quick. Even then if you can’t tell the according to USDA there are 64 mg of caffeine in one gulp of espresso whilst brewed coffee has 95mg of caffeine in freshly brewed coffee.

9. Coffee does keep you awake

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Healthcare experts’ say that people should avoid taking coffee six hours before they get ready to go to bed. It confuses their body signals on staying awake or sleeping, a proof of this can be the experience of night shift workers who drink coffee can’t often sleep in the day time.

10. You can even afford the most expensive coffee in the world

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Coffee is one drink that is affordable by everyone the most expensive ones as well- even if you aren’t rich. How cool is the perspective that you can drink the same coffee as Donald Trump even though he is in the white house – smirk!

Coffee is just not a drink it is a story, an experience, and an adventure. Cheers – now let’s gulp on that perfect cup of coffee.

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