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From small-time environmentalists to globally renowned pro-environmental organizations have shared their concern after conducting several types of research on how plastic waste is affecting everyone. One of the most supportive groups of this campaign is local communities all over the UK. They understand how plastic is affecting every life on planet earth and how it can bring doom if not kept in check.

To help with this issue, people from all over the UK and several other European nations have started practicing plastic-free living. By spreading awareness and more, such groups are reaching out to people worldwide to adopt this lifestyle. However, before diving any further into this lifestyle, you should know about what made this lifestyle so popular in the UK and other places.

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What made plastic-free life popular in the UK?

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People of the UK understood the concern shared by various environmental groups. It came to their notice that plastic waste created by them has led to an increasing number of deaths of animal species, plants, microorganisms, and more. However, apart from this, people who were concerned about their health came to know the adverse effects plastic does to an individual due to chemicals used in creating them.

With health concerns and protection of the environment has to lead this movement quite popular in the UK. More people are switching to this lifestyle and helping others do so too by convincing them about its advantages and how it is a win-win situation for all. Now’s let’s have a look at what this lifestyle is all about in short!

Living life without using plastic

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To understand this lifestyle in-depth and follow it step by step, it is suggested to go through this lifestyle’s guide laid down by Onya Life. Information is given in this article offers the basics of this lifestyle and how to follow it. Therefore, let’s start with the basic question of all; what is this lifestyle approach?

  • Plastic-free living in detail

It refers to life choices where people would forgo the usage of all forms of plastic products. Instead, individuals will opt for all the eco-friendly alternatives that are available. Some of the common plastic products which need to be stopped at all costs include plastic carrying bags, packaged food, and drinks, etc. In short, anything that an individual uses should not include plastic in any form. Moreover, it is a way of life in which single-use plastic items are stopped using from the start. Though it is not possible to let go of all plastic products in a day, with time, it is possible and is a healthier alternative.

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  • Why switch to this life approach?

It is considered a green initiative that helps the environment is the major reason for people choosing it. Plastic waste is destroying the environment and the world ecosystem. To reduce this waste to zero and protect the Earth, people should transform their lifestyle completely before it is too late.

Apart from this, people who still are not convinced should know that this life approach is a much healthier option than choosing to eat food and drinks that come in plastic packaging. Food and drink from plastic packaged containers, bottles, etc. always absorb some of the toxins, which is never a good thing for people’s health in the long run.

Thus, switching to this lifestyle helps in healing the environment as well as leads to a long, happy, and healthy life. This is why people worldwide are trying to start small and make the switch and even various governments are supporting this cause.

How to start this lifestyle?

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When starting, one should remember that he/she will have to go a long way before living a completely plastic-free life. Therefore, people who are already leading this lifestyle suggest starting it slowly. They understand that getting rid of plastics in a single day is just an impossible desire. There are several points which are listed by people who have switched years ago.

  • Reusable bags, containers and bottles

When starting this lifestyle, it is better if an individual starts slow. Some habits which he/she can change is opting for utilizing reusable products, unlike most plastic items. The first thing to change is to carry reusable bags when one would need it during shopping instead of getting plastics bags from the store which are for single use only. From groceries to other products, carry them in reusable bags or backpacks, whichever is convenient for a person.

Also, opt for reusable containers and bottles instead of plastic ones that are harmful to health as well as the environment. This is a great way to switch to this lifestyle and stay on course.

  • Know why you are switching

People who have already made the switch knows the struggle about holding onto this lifestyle. The first few weeks or months will be difficult as getting by without using plastic after having access to it for so long will be difficult.

To make sure one doesn’t divert and go back to using it, ensure writing it down as to why one made the switch, to begin with. After writing it, one can hang it on a wall where one can see it every day as it will aid in keeping in mind what made one change to this. This will help substantially to deal with days during a difficult time at the start of this lifestyle.

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  • Selecting products for replacement

When opting for a plastic-free life approach; at the start, try not to get rid of everything quickly. As aforementioned in this article, it is difficult for the first few months. Hence, all you need is to choose a maximum of 5 products for replacement. Start using eco-friendly alternatives and slowly keep changing other products that use plastics.

This is a great way to start this lifestyle; however, if you are interested and want to know about it in detail, you can go through a guide that will offer you all the steps and help you to live completely plastic-free.

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