Chase Stokes Teases Outer Banks Season 2: Interview –

The solid of ‘Outer Banks’ is again to their foolery, as they’ve returned to North Carolina to movie. Chase Stokes teased what’s subsequent for John B and the gang to HL!

Can you consider it has been nearly a yr since Outer Banks graced our TV screens for us to mindlessly binge at first of quarantine?! We can’t both! Now, the entire gang is again in North Carolina filming the beloved sequence, and John B himself reported again to .com, EXCLUSIVELY, what we are able to anticipate from the upcoming season. “I can’t really say a lot. What I can say is that, you know, it is, it’s an incredibly exciting story,” Chase Stokes dished to HL. “Like, if you took season one, it’s sort of like when you have that lover in high school, and you’re like, ‘Oh, I have a crush on her,’ and she goes away for the summer, and she comes back and looks like a completely different person. And you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s awesome’ — that’s how I feel about season two.” Riveting stuff, guys.

“I just think performance wise, everything is nuanced. Everybody did such an incredible job of bringing their A game this year,” he continued. “We’ve had phenomenal people behind the camera who have heightened the visual representation of the show, as well this season. I think personally, season two is is my favorite of the two seasons.”

The solid of ‘Outer Banks.’ (Netflix)

Chase, who’s joined within the solid by Madelyn Cline, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss and extra expertise, revealed that as a result of they’re such a tight-knit group, the present is ready to thrive. “It’s just been a riot. It’s one of those things that helps the show so much. It’s like, you work with your family members and the best people on planet earth and we have so much fun outside of the show, and then we bring that back into the show,” he gushed. “I’m just super thankful that I have a group of people that I just absolutely adore and get to spend a ton of time with and make this magical show. I’m just eternally thankful for it.”

One of these individuals contains Chase’s girlfriend, Madelyn, which is likely one of the causes the actor teamed up with Sweet Earths Foods to debate their latest survey that explored perceptions of consuming and relationships inside fashionable relationship, throughout the spectrum of plant-based dieters and the Gen-Z/Millennial generations previous to Valentine’s Day.

“Maddie is vegan and I’m not, so finding a way for me to implement these different dietary restrictions into my life made me into a flexitarian,” Chase defined. “So I sort of adapted a lot of plant based options into my diet because of my relationship, as well as trying things like pescatarian dishes and vegetarian dishes…Working with Sweet Earths Foods has been my way of showing people who are meat-based eaters that there is an easy way to transition into other diets and to not be scared of trying something different.”

Chase is internet hosting a Virtual Veggie Lovers Event, Feb. 10 from 6-7pm EST to debate relationship and “how food can be the ultimate connector.”

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