Chase Is Asked About Cheating On Whitney –

Chase and Whitney come face-to-face on this EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ finale. Chase is requested point-blank what led to his infidelity.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life solid members are telling all within the Feb. 16 finale. Chase Severino is grilled about what occurred with Whitney Way Thore and the infidelity that led to their breakup. Host Suki Krishnan asks Chase what the catalyst was that led him again to the girl who’s now the mom of his youngster. Whitney and Chase broke off their engagement after Whitney discovered that he had cheated on her.

“There’s not really a simple catalyst. It’s just Whitney and I were like drifting apart, and she did go to Europe and wasn’t really talking to me,” Chase says on this EXCLUSIVE preview. Whitney provides, “When I went to Europe, we weren’t really talking, but it was because of what happened in November with Chase taking that job. Things weren’t great, that’s true.”

Chase Severino speaks out about his relationship with Whitney. (TLC)

Chase is requested whether or not his new job put a pressure on his relationship with Whitney. “When Whitney and I started dating, we always had that in mind that we would eventually move to the same city,” Chase continued. “I’ve had some career goals in mind that didn’t really pick up until later on, so when the opportunity happened, I jumped on it. I feel like her work could have moved. I was kind of thinking that she would be able to move here to Wilmington with me, but I don’t think she thought an opportunity would come.”

Whitney chimes in and says that’s not essentially all true. “Well, you did throw it on me,” Whitney says. “That was not something we had like sat down and talked about it. It just was told to me.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Whitney Way Thore and Buddy through the tell-all. (TLC)

Chase replies, “I still made Whitney a priority. It’s not like she wasn’t. I don’t know.” Chase and Whitney nonetheless have loads to speak about. The season finale of the TLC collection My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Feb. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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