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For the better part of a decade, there was nothing more impressive than owning a BlackBerry. Walking down the street, both hands on the soft-touch sides of the handset, thumbs flying around the keyboard as you plowed through emails, BBMs, and texts. You could wear ripped jeans and a paint-stained shirt, but your BlackBerry still …

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Welcome back to the supercar game, Ford. You’ve been missed. The post Review: 2017 Ford GT appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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All your favorite features from the iPad, now for $329. The post Review: Apple iPad (2017) appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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If you’re on a budget and have yearned to join the big boy audiophile club, the price of admission has never been cheaper. The post Review: HiFiMan HE400S appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Mom is the best. Whether she’s the mother of your children or the one who raised you, she’s been there through it all—the good, the bad, and the snotty—and for that, we celebrate her. We’ve put together a list of gifts so you don’t have to show up empty-handed this Mother’s Day on Sunday, May …

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Whether you’re new to commuting or just want to ride more, these practical accessories will make it easier. The post Want to Start Riding Your Bike to Work? Get This Gear appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Lenovo’s business-centric laptop is back once again, now in its fifth generation. Nice machine, but the trackpad is lousy. The post Review: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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A high-tech alternative to crutches and knee walkers. The post Review: iWalk2.0 appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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The Alta HR offers a way to log all of your fitness fundamentals without much fuss, with the addition of a heart rate monitor to give you extra data. The post Review: Fitbit Alta HR appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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The trends that led to food bars—those portable meal substitutes that pack energy and nutrition into a few inches of pressed granola—are something de Tocqueville would have relished: busier lifestyles and the importance of convenience; the blurring of meals and snacks; an emphasis on portion control amid an obesity epidemic; and a shift to urban dwelling, which …

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