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William Moulton Marston was one of the leading psychologists of his time, but these days he’s not known for his work studying the human mind—he’s known as the guy who created Wonder Woman. But that doesn’t mean his psychology research and work in comics were separate, they weren’t. In fact, his scientific theories directly influenced …

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Even if you’ve never gotten into live action role-playing before, now is a great time to start. The post Now Is a Good Time to Start Living Like a Wizard appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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According to co-creator Jonathan Nolan, with sci-fi “we’re inventing cautionary tales for ourselves.” The post Westworld’s Creators Know Why Sci-Fi Is So Dystopian appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Patty Jenkins’ superhero movie gives its lead more than a few slow-mo heroic moments. And she deserves every single one. The post Wonder Woman and the Importance of the Female Hero Moment appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Despite Diana of Themyscira’s legacy of empowerment, that’s not what made her a superhero—it was a crush gone wild. The post Wonder Woman Overcame Her Origin Story to Become a Feminist Icon appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Hey, did you hear? Ethiopia shut down the internet to stop kids from cheating on exams. You didn’t? Huh. That’s usually the kind of thing that makes it onto everyone’s timeline. What about the results of the National Spelling Bee? That didn’t make it to your Facebook wall either? Well, that’s what happens when the …

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On this week’s ‘Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy’ podcast, Sofia Samatar discusses the inspiration she found in ancient Arabian writings. The post Sofia Samatar’s Arabian Fantasies Get Dosed In Reality appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman. And not just because she spent her two years in the Israeli army as a combat trainer and loves wielding Bracelets of Submission. It’s not even because she’s a feminist. (Though she’s that, too.) Gadot is the ideal heroine because, like Diana Prince herself, very few people in …

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‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ and ‘American Gods’ are immersive head-scratchers that deny explanations and defy expectations. Being befuddled has never been more fun. The post It’s Not Just You. TV Has Hit Peak WTF appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Early this morning President Trump tweeted a fake word. Social media’s reaction is a prime example of how language travels online. The post The Internet Defines ‘Covfefe’ appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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