Call of Duty Documentary Landing Next Month

The story of the Call of Duty videogame franchise is set to be explored in a new documentary that’s landing on video on demand services and Steam next month.

Going by the name of CODumentary, the film has been written and directed by Jonathan Beales, and it’ll cover the growth of the series from the first game back in 2003 to the present day. Beales has spent the better part of five years working on the project.

It’s an unofficial documentary, that’s not been made with publisher Activision’s input. But there does appear to be a lot of behind the scenes talking heads involved. It’s being released by Devolver Digital, with a DVD and Blu-ray release also planned further down the line.

CODumentary arrives on September 19th, and you’ll be able to get it via iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, and other assorted legal streaming services.

More on the film as we get it.


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