Buy the Class 2 Magic in USA or EU, which is the cheapest site to choose?


It’s known that C2M has been released in September, Using your Super Nintendo game cartridges on the SNES Classic Mini is now possible without having to “modulate” the Nintendo Retro Console yourself.  It supports both SNES and Super Famicom cartridges. So, if we want to buy Class 2 Magic in USA or EU, which is the cheapest site to choose? Following us, we will give you the answers.

Classic 2 Magic for SNES Mini

SNES Mini is a fantastic console but has one big flaw which frustrates all of its owners and the games collection is closed and limited unless you hack it. Well no more! With Classic 2 Magic you can dig out your old SNES cartridges and play them directly on your SNES Mini Classic. Any game, from any region. Just plug & play! You can also directly play game ROM files for SNES and many other different consale systems on your SNES Mini Classic with Classic 2 Magic as it uses parts of Hachi and their C2M software. It is also compatible with the NES Mini console and Shonen Jump Mini.

the C2M – Classic 2 Magic is presented as a new device that would allow, among other things, to “brush up your old SNES cartridges and use them directly on your SNES Classic Mini – any game and regardless of regional blocks – simply plug & play! “. This is just one of the features of this “add-on” device that would, therefore “approach” the SNES Classic Mini to the “back-console” compatible with old siliceous supports, such as the RetroN.

We have seen the success of the small console Snes Mini enter the houses around the world especially for lovers of the 16-bit retro console. An important novelty that has arrived to beat the wall of the 21 games included, is a plug and play accessory through USB called Classic 2 Magic.Se in your closets is hidden with the dust some original Super Nintendo cartridge, it’s time to revive it with Classic 2 Magic. Classic 2 Magic will play the original Snes cartridges in addition to Rom and further additional emulators. It will also have the possibility of having unlimited extra memory through one or more USB drives, simple installation without welding and many other features listed below.

Why buy the Classic 2 Magic for SNES MINI?

SNES Classic Mini: must we crack for the retro console of Nintendo?

If the success of the SNES Classic Mini does not fade, the big disadvantage of this console for the nostalgic and other “retro gamers” is that its toy library is theoretically limited to 21 games. Classics such as Street Fighter 2 and Starfox are included in the collection, but many players immediately tried to incorporate more into the console’s memory. This operation normally requires modifying the firmware of the device, a gesture that is generally not within the reach of the average user.

The installation of the system does not require any type of hardware modification in our console, we simply have to connect it to our SNES Mini through its USB port, and after a quick installation, we can enjoy our original cartridges, from any region, in our console. It is important to remember that any modification of the original software of our system will make us lose the original guarantee of the manufacturer, so if you decide to get one, keep this detail in mind.

Which is the cheapest site to choose in EU and NA?

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