Build Your Own PC: Patriot Viper RGB Series DDR4 RAM

This is a component 6 of our PC Building sequence. 

You improve your laptop since you need a PC that is extra highly effective. It’s actually so simple as that. Where issues get extra difficult is when it comes time to resolve simply how highly effective you need your PC to be.

That might sound like a wierd drawback, however the reality is that the majority people who find themselves desirous about upgrading their PCs aren’t working with a limiteless funds. It’s straightforward sufficient to level to absolutely the top-tier PC parts in the marketplace and say, “Go get those,” however what if that isn’t an possibility? More importantly, what if what you’re actually desirous about isn’t the top-to-bottom strongest PC on the block however moderately a pc that simply makes your life simpler?

Answering the questions requires understanding which elements of your laptop are doing essentially the most work throughout a number of functions in your day-to-day life. More usually than not, the reply is a chunk of recommendation that PC builders have been doling out for so long as anybody can bear in mind: “Just buy more RAM.”

We did precisely that for our Den of Geek gaming PC, which boasts 16GB of Patriot’s glorious Viper RGB Series DDR4 RAM. Check out this video for a rundown of easy methods to set up this RAM:

RAM is usually described as your laptop’s short-term reminiscence, which is definitely a reasonably implausible simplification of what this part does on your PC. Do you understand that scene in films the place one individual tells their companion to recollect a sequence of numbers that can assist them diffuse a bomb and save the world? Imagine if that companion instantly forgot these numbers. That’s mainly what occurs to your PC when you’re not working sufficient RAM — and the correct of RAM. 

What meaning in a sensible sense is that your PC depends on RAM for widespread duties like effectively opening new browser tabs, switching functions, and even rapidly loading the following enemy or space in your favourite sport. You depend on your RAM greater than you in all probability know. When you speak about your laptop working sluggish, the chances are good that it is a RAM deficiency that you simply’re referring to.

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We’re prepared to wager that the very first thing you’re going to note whenever you improve to Patriot’s Viper RGB sequence is how a lot it improves the little issues. For occasion, when you’ve by no means actually seemed on the numbers earlier than, you’ll be shocked by how a lot RAM your PC makes use of even whenever you’ve simply received a couple of Google Chrome tabs open. The Viper RAM’s base frequency velocity of roughly 2133MHz helps to just about remove such widespread cases of laptop lag that you simply in all probability determined to reside with till you realized that there’s a higher manner.

Of course, a simple upgrade in the amount of RAM in your PC can drastically improve day-to-day operations such as web-browsing. The reason that you turn to high-quality RAM such as this is because of what it can do once you really put it to the test.

Simply put, this model of RAM is one of the most impressive you’ll find in its price range when it comes to its overclocking capabilities. If you’re willing to dive into the RAM’s settings, you can (safely) push its limits beyond its default speed for when your rig demands more power. While you’re going to be surprised by how well this RAM operates even if you utilize its base settings, this model’s overclocking abilities are what makes it such an easy recommendation for anyone looking to fully explore the most demanding, high-end online games.

Performance is almost always the name of the game when you’re talking about RAM, but there’s certainly something to be said for this model’s wonderful visual design. The sleek basic design of this Viper RAM fits into just about any modern gaming PC, but it’s this model’s five customizable RGB zones that really sets it apart from an aesthetic standpoint. As more and more gaming PC designs utilize some form of built-in lighting, it’s nice to find capable RAM that not only blends in with your overall hardware design but is eye-catching at the same time. The incredible visuals of the Viper RGB series help sell just how exciting having the right RAM in your PC can be.

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If you’re looking to shop around a bit and explore your options, we also recommend taking a look at the XPG Spectrix D80 DD4 RGB and the HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB. The XPG Spectrix is quite simply one of the best models we’ve seen in regards to its cooling capabilities, and the HyperX brand is known for its sleek design, incredible speeds, and general craftsmanship. Both also boast those excellent RGB options which will help you turn one of your computer’s most essential components into one of its best-looking pieces as well.

Regardless of which model of RAM you ultimately go with, the fact remains that RAM stands right beside an SSD as one of those upgrades you turn to when you want to make your life a little easier. Patriot’s Viper RGB series just happens to be one of the best on the market in terms of performance, visual design, and price. Upgrading your RAM is one of the best things you can do for your PC, and this is one of the best RAM upgrades that you’ll find. 

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