Bran’s the Night King (once more) and Buddy the Elf time travels: The week’s craziest fan theories

The identical place that aggregated the “Bran is the Night King” concept additionally propagated this chestnut, which posits that Robb Stark’s spouse Talisa was secretly a Red Priestess like Melisandre. It’s an “irrelevant plot twist,” since each Robb and Talisa are useless and their story arcs full, and the unique poster understands this and is simply having a little bit enjoyable together with his or her headcanon. The aggregation, although, guarantees an enormous twist.

Essentially, the proof for this concept is that Talisa is from Volantis the place the Red Temple is situated, and different Red Priests have been given missions to cross the slender sea an affect potential kings, a la Thoros of Myr. However, nothing we noticed within the present indicated this was the case, and Volante nobles truly hate the Red Temple, in accordance with collection lore.

Ultimately, although, this concept is, as the unique theorist stated, irrelevant. Game of Thrones is not about to return and complicate the fates of two useless characters who by no means achieved what they meant to do with solely treasured few episodes left.

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