Blumhouse Horror Movies Update: Halloween Kills, Insidious 5 and More

Describing the movie as a “thriller,” Blum adds, “It’s a cool, offbeat movie, and we started shooting before…COVID happened in the middle, so we’re finishing up. We’re almost finished shooting what we didn’t get before we got shut down by COVID, and hopefully the movie will be out sometime next year.”

Untitled John Ridley Paranormal Project

John Ridley, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave, has joined forces with Blumhouse to develop what’s being called an “untitled paranormal project.” The use of the word “paranormal” immediately has us wondering if it was connected in any way to the Paranormal Activity franchise, which of course put Blumhouse on the map back in 2007.

“It isn’t, no, it’s not connected in any way,” says Blum. “It just happens to have some paranormal activity in it, but it’s not connected to the movies.”


Blum doesn’t have much to say about Wolfman, the next classic Universal Monster reboot to be written and directed by Leigh Whannell following his successful take on The Invisible Man. Ryan Gosling will star in the title role, but plot details beyond that remain a mystery. Asked if Wolfman will begin shooting soon, Blum says he’s not entirely sure.

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