Blood of Zeus Ending Explained

Is Seraphim Killed?

Seraphim’s seething rage against all Gods reaches its breaking point in the finale. His mission to acquire the powerful cauldron pits him against Hera, Alexia, and ultimately Heron. Seraphim tries to persuade Heron and speaks of how they can rule together, but he’s not interested in such things, especially when it comes at the cost of becoming a demon. Heron finishes Seraphim off in a grisly way that accentuates their fundamental differences. Heron then finally accesses his Godly powers and he ends the deed with a burst of electricity that would make Zeus proud. 

Though Heron finishes off Seraphim, Blood of Zeus shows that this doesn’t mean that he’s out of the picture. An epilogue features Seraphim, as a spirit, in Hades and trapped in another brokerage of power with a dangerous force. The season ends with Seraphim as a deceased pawn of Hades, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the arrangement that Seraphim has entered into with him involves the restoration of his body under the right conditions. The rivalry between Seraphim and Heron only becomes stronger after they learn that they’re half-brothers and it’d be disappointing if this relationship doesn’t get more opportunities to fester and evolve.

The Fallout Between Zeus And Hera

Hera’s growing animosity towards Zeus due to his adulterous ways becomes one of the main driving forces of the season. Hera’s desire for revenge culminates with the two trying to kill each other in the season finale. The two reminisce over the glory days of when they first fell for each other, but Hera still can’t forgive Zeus for what he’s done. Hera proves to be the major antagonist of the season and her fate remains unknown even though Zeus sacrifices himself to save her. She’s presumed to be dead, but she’s just missing once the dust settles, which leaves plenty of room for a surprise attack in a hypothetical season two. 

It’s a dark realization that if Hera and Zeus could have both swallowed their pride in various respects and worked together then they’d perhaps both still be alive. Of course, that would still leave plenty of arguments over who should be in charge of Mount Olympus.

Who Is The New King Of Mount Olympus?

Blood of Zeus ends with Heron and the rest of the Gods in Mount Olympus in a peaceful place, but very soon they’ll all have to address the power vacuum that’s been opened now that Zeus is dead. Heron has proven himself in some big ways, but with awakening his demigod powers and his ability to control the cauldron, but it still feels premature for him to rise into his father’s role. He’d also most certainly face resentment from many of the other Gods. Apollo, Heron’s brother, feels like a much more suitable answer, which still allows Heron close proximity to the ruler. Of course, with how season one plays out it’s also possible that Zeus has even more children that people don’t know about who will want to make a bid for power.

What’s Ahead For Season 2?

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