Best Air Fryers for Your Kitchen

Who doesn’t like deep-fried food? Ah, all that crispiness and deliciousness, it is hard to stay away from it, but as we know, it might not be the best thing when it comes to health. Deep-frying food includes a lot of oil, and oil processed that way is certainly not good. Luckily, as the technology industry grows there are better solutions to everything, and so comes the air fryer!

What is an air fryer? You might ask. Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that strives to achieve the same effect you get when deep-frying food, without all the unnecessary oil. How does this work? Well, its functions using the convection mechanism, meaning that you put just a little bit of oil, and then the machine starts circulating hot air heating to up to 200 degrees Celsius and providing you with crispy chips, chicken, fish or whatever you like the most. Now, a fact is that the taste might not be identical to the high-oil traditional method, but it is still an amazing and conventional way to get the best results without damaging your health in the long run. As with everything not all products are equal, meaning that you should do some research on which one has the best price-quality ratio, and we are going to help you with that. Here is our top 6 list:


1. Phillips Digital Turbostar Airfryer

Of course, a huge brand like Phillips had to come with one of the best air fryers, and they did it in a fantastic way. Though maybe somewhat expensive, it is worth every dollar you pay.

The first pro is the fact that it has enormous capacities, meaning that you can pile up the food you want to be cooked, and have no worries that each and every piece will be exposed evenly. That saves energy and time, doesn’t it? What is most interesting is the fact that it will heat up almost instantly. Along with that, it is pretty simple to use and comes with a book of recipes including even roasting dishes.

What might be the con is that some people find it a bit complicated to use, and it has no button to turn off, but the only way is to unplug it. Still, we would definitely recommend it as at the end it absolutely serves its purpose.


2. Cusinart Convection Toaster Oven Fryer

Now, what people really like is paying for one thing, but getting a lot of functions along with it. And that is what this Cusinart fryer does provide. It is an air fryer, but along with that, it is a toaster, an oven, everything you can think of. It does come with a handy recipe book, that serves your needs. Effective, quick and multifunctional, it can’t get much better than that. The only thing you need to take care of is the heat, so it doesn’t overcook or get out of control.

Although a bit big, if you have enough place in your kitchen, it will do wonders!


3. BLACK+DECKER Purify Air Fryer

Now, how does static frying, the method this fryer uses, differ from the regular air fryer? Well, the answer is simple. There is less air circulating, but the device uses two fans instead of one, which increases its effectiveness.

Really easy to use, not taking much space, with a simple design it does seem like the thing you would want. What we really love is the fact that you can split a few trays, and cook different food at the same time without the risk of flavor mixing. Also, it comes at a pretty reasonable price for what it offers.

The only thing is that it might not last as much as the other devices on the list, but for the price you pay, it at this is a good deal.


4. Vilapur Air Fryer

Comparing to the static frying, dynamic includes much more air circulating all around, which leaves you with no worries if you should move the food while it is inside of the fryer. It guarantees an even exposure.

It has multiple settings, and modes, and comes at a really low price for what you get. It is also really easy to dismantle and clean, which is good news for all the housewives.

Only cons might be the fact that it is not that simple to use, and the food might cook a bit longer, but other than that an amazing product overall!



Now, if you have a big family or you are a fan of making batches of food at once, this is your savior! And other than frying, it does an amazing job with baking too.

Coming with 12 presets, there is more than enough space for whatever you would like, and it comes with a few handy accessories as well.

It is rather large and comes with no recipe book, but if you are creative enough, it will be no problem, as this one is worth the price.


6. Gorumia GAF365 Digital Fryer

Completely the opposite to the previous one, this one is designed for the people that want handy products, that do not take a lot of the space in the kitchen and still do the magic.

At a low price, and easy to use this product is just the right thing. The portion sizes are nice, adapted for a meal of a person or two.


Whatever one you decide to buy, we assure you it is gonna be worth it, as you will be enjoying that crispy food, without thinking about clogged arteries!

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