Beneficial Features of F1-Max Car Aroma Diffuser – Enjoy Drive Energetically!

Best oil car diffusers are helpful to tense drivers, commuters and those traveling for a living. Essential oils with aroma turn the vehicle interiors into the mini oasis, especially when it is surrounded with rage eliciting traffic. If you are worried about the long travel ahead, then mix geranium, bergamot, and lavender or if you have a cold then use peppermint or eucalyptus to feel better soon. You can choose a car diffuser, which allows you to make your own essential oil blend to create a cozy environment while travelling.

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Currently, the F1-Max car aroma diffuser introduced in the market is gaining a lot of attention because of its unique retro design, diffuses solid organic perfume extracted as well as allows to add your favored essential oil.

Design and color

Its unique retro design appears like a race car is eye-catching. Kids can use it as a runnable toy car. It is available in four sparky colors – ruby red, meteorite black, ivory white, and turquoise. The car has undergone a mirror silver plating process and had quality embellishments, which dazzle. F1-Max car aromatherapy diffuser can be the best gift for women because it can even keep her home air clean and full of fragrance.


Transparent UV blocking layer is coated, so as to protect the diffuser from getting degraded and maintain its bright reflective exterior. The overall F1-Max diffuser has a smooth, radiant texture, which will make office and home décor look decorative.

Anion technology

Produces anion, which helps to remove dust, smoke, and peculiar smell. It rapidly kills germs from the surrounding.

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The anion is considered to be air vitamin, which boosts human health. It enhances the respiratory process, purifies the blood, promotes metabolism, improves internal secretion, and reduces stress. A personal close-up oxygen bar gets created around the people riding in the car.

Air diffusion

For high hygiene level, spiral circulation airflow design is applied to the fresh air system. This design allows air flow evenly and powerfully further in the car. There are three shiny silver ducts, where fragrance and anion combine evenly generating and distributing pure aroma.


The material used to design the main body of the diffuser is PC-ABS alloy.

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The properties of both the materials including flexibility from ABS as well as heat resistance and super strength from PC has given the designers a chance to get precise detailing. The TPU [thermoplastic, polyurethane] wheel material is flexible, durable as well as smooth to touch. It displays the best friction resistance, cushioning impact and anti-slip properties. Kids can enjoy its movement on the floor.

Precise detailing

Every detail is taken care of. The entire internal space of F1-Max integrates continuously. It is compatible with distinct components. Its craftsmanship standard is also visible in the user-friendly details designed to suit user’s habits including the type C connector [no matter back or front] and switch which can be twisted either right or left. Mirror silver plating allows for easy cleaning.

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Solid perfume capsules are subtle and appropriate because they are extracted from the natural plant fragrance. The essential oil from plants used to produce the solid perfume captures aromatic scent, which makes F1-Max diffuser must-have accessory. The package includes a bullet box that can hold five capsules of essential oils for aromatherapy. With the three default bullets, there are a couple of spaces offered to add your personal essential oil.

Package includes

  • One F1-Max Aroma diffuser
  • One non-slip car pad
  • One type-C cable
  • One manual
  • One bullet box with 5 essential oil pieces
  • Two extra blanks or plain bullets

It doesn’t matter, if you just drive to the nearest mall or grocery store or are a road warrior, F1-Max car aroma diffuser will surround you with clean, fresh air blended with fragrance making your drive time enjoyable and energetic.

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