Before You Hate On Salad Cakes, Hear Me Out

What you see here’s a salad cake, as ready by Misuki Moriyasu for the Vegiedeco Cafe in Nagoya, Japan. The “cake” a part of the cake is entire greens blended with soybean flour, the “frosting” is tofu or cream cheese, and the filling is, properly, salad.

My inclination is to say that that is horrible, and to some extent it’s. We’re all conditioned to have a look at a cake and suppose that we’re about to have a complete mountain of scrumptious buttery sugar all up in our faces. I assume that the cognitive dissonance that salad cake would trigger can be verging on, like, traumatically painful.


On the opposite hand, Vegiedeco says that they’re promoting the muffins as a result of they need to degree up the expertise of consuming salad. They’re appropriate in saying that “throwing random vegetables in a bowl” is messy on the one hand and visually unappealing on the opposite. Just as a lot as we’ve conditioned ourselves to suppose that cake is essentially sugary, we’ve additionally conditioned ourselves to imagine that the vegetable-potpourri technique of salad composition will be lovely. It can’t, at the least not within the classical sense.

So why not bust each of these myths and at the least attempt a salad cake, proper? If you possibly can train your self to eat salad that appears like a backyard barfed in a bowl, you possibly can most likely train your self to imagine that you simply deserve the prettiest attainable salad, too.

Original by: Rebecca Vipond Brink

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