Battlefield 5: News, Trailers, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

Battlefield V is the next game in the hit first-person shooter series from DICE. We don’t know much else about the game, but we do expect a full reveal on May 23.

While we’re waiting to hear more about the next Battlefield game, all reports indicate that the plan is to continue some of the things that Battlefield 1 did so well. That means a focus on the wars of the 20th century as opposed to modern warfare, an emphasis on individual campaign stories, and the same kind of large-scale warfare options that make the series as popular as it is. 

Beyond that, there is no shortage of rumors out there regarding some of the new features that the game will incorporate. We’ve heard everything from battle royale modes to a dedicated co-op campaign, but the one thing we can tell you for sure is that it certainly sounds like the Battlefield team is getting ready to deliver their biggest and deepest multiplayer shooter yet. 

Here is what we know about Battlefield V:

Battlefield 5 News

DICE has expanded upon how The Tides of War will work. 

In a new blog post, the developer describes Tides of War as a “catch-all” term used to describe Battlefield V‘s “true journey” through World War II. Based on their description of the idea, it seems that Tides of War will function as kind of an on-going content experience that will change every few months. For instance, the first batch of Tides of War content is titled Fall of Europe and will include special events such as multi-week grand operations and special assignments. 

Despite the changes introduced by these events, players will be able to keep the same company (essentially a faction or guild) and complete all associated events with them throughout the entire Tides of War run.

DICE reiterated that soldiers are fully-customizable this time around and noted that XP can be earned in multiplayer and co-op modes and then used to unlock new class specialization archetypes. It seems that new archetypes will be added to the game via Tides of War updates. 

The Battlefield V Twitter account has also revealed a new mode called Airborne. 

The premise of this mode is that players will need to parachute onto the battlefield when they respawn. It seems that there will be an attacking team who need to take down anti-aircraft measures when they’re on the ground and a defending team who are trying to keep the guns operational in order to fend off the airborne invaders. 

We’ll bring you more information on this mode as it becomes available. 

Battlefield 5 Reveal Details

The Battlefield V has come and gone and we’ve learned that the next Battlefield game will pretty much be a Battlefield game. 

First off, the game will be set during World War II as previously suggested. It’s not entirely clear which theater of war the game’s campaign will be set in, but some of the language the developers used suggested that it will span the globe and include quite a few stories of war. 

Multiplayer wise, Battlefield V doesn’t change the series formula too much. The big new addition is a 64-player Grand Operations mode that utilizes several different play modes in order to tell a multiplayer narrative. It’s essentially an expansion of the Operations mode seen in Battlefield 1. There’s also a Combined Arms 4-player co-op mode that allows players to participate in procedurally generated missions. Generally speaking, Battlefield V places a much greater emphasis on squad play and encourages players to join squads. 

Minor multiplayer changes include the ability to revive your teammates regardless of what class you’re playing (and drag them to cover), the ability to tow stationary guns with vehicles, and a new prone option that lets you lay on your back. 

It’s also been confirmed that there will be no Premium Pass in the game. While that doesn’t seem to discount the possibility that there might be loot boxes in the game, the Battlefield V developers did indicate that player progress will largely be earned by playing the game. Said progress includes new abilities that allow you to fortify the area of play with sandbags, walls, and other structures. Ammo conservation and weapon selection will also reportedly play a larger role in the game. Those weapons will be affected by new bullet penetration physics and the elimination of randomized bullet deviation.

Finally, DICE has promised to improve the game’s animations in an effort to eliminate the image of poorly programmed robots running around a virtual battlefield. Those animations are probably not on display in this pre-rendered reveal trailer, but we fell obliged to share it nonetheless. 

Battlefield 5 Trailer

The first teaser for Battlefield V indicates that the game will be set during World War II. If you pause the video at just the right moment, you can see both the British Union Jack and the German Balkenkreuz, symbols used by either side during WWI. Check out the short clip below:

Battlefield 5 Release Date

Battlefield V will be released on October 19, for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PC. 

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