Arya flees undead Ned Stark in Game of Thrones trailer, and extra: The week’s craziest fan theories

Most of the Season eight trailer seems to be teasing the large battle at Winterfell, set to happen in Episode 3. The trailer opens with a shot of a really scared Arya operating by means of the halls of Winterfell. What is she fleeing? The undead? A White Walker? The Night King?

Well, what this inexplicably widespread concept means that she is fleeing from undead variations of beloved and long-gone characters. According to the speculation, she’s so scared as a result of she acknowledges the undead, and is being chased by Ned, Catelyn and/or Robb Stark.

This concept is… unlikely. The large battle episode is supposedly “the longest consecutive battle sequence ever committed to film,” so from a storytelling perspective, it might be wild to additionally shove within the reveal of some undead characters followers assumed they’d by no means see once more. The complete would possibly of the undead military is bearing down on Winterfell — should not that be sufficient drama with out having to dig up Sean Bean’s corpse?

And, talking of Ned’s corpse, this concept can be not possible throughout the fiction of the present. See, Ned Stark was famously decapitated. The White Walkers’ undead wights have demonstrated no skill to reattach severed physique components, so any zombified model of Ned must be headless. Also, the Song of Ice and Fire books reveal that solely Ned’s bones have been left when Littlefinger gave his stays to Cat Stark. There’s no precedent for the White Walkers with the ability to reanimate headless bones with none decaying muscle or sinew, and there is not any means Arya would acknowledge her father from his skeleton alone. (A skeleton would remedy one downside for this concept, although, which is that it appears unlikely that Sean Bean might’ve made a return to Thrones with out it leaking.)

As for Cat and Robb? Well, they are not even within the Winterfell crypts. After their murders on the Red Wedding, the Frey troops minimize off Robb’s head and stitch his direwolf’s head on in its stead, so his corpse would even be headless. Not that it issues, since each corpses have been dumped within the river. In the books, Cat was reanimated as Lady Stoneheart, however that hasn’t occurred within the present. Her bloated physique has most likely been eaten by catfish at this level, that means there is not any corpse up in Winterfell for the White Walkers to reanimate.

Some of the aggregations get round these issues by suggesting that Ned and co. aren’t returning as conventional wights, however as ghosts or spirits. This isn’t one thing that has been part of Game of Thrones‘ fastidiously constructed lore, and it might be enjoying Calvinball to simply change the best way the undead work in Game of Thrones‘ fourth-to-last episode.

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