Are mobile phones becoming the new style statement?

Everything we do in this day and age is now tied to our phones. Take a closer look into our lives.

Everything our parents did manually in the 19th century is now automated. In this day and age, instead of sending letters, users can easily send a Whatsapp message. Instead of using a stenograph, all a user has to do is open their Spotify app. The list goes on and on.

It is no news that people buy phones for different reasons. While some believe that phones are essential tools for business communication, others believe that their phones are to help in communicating their personalities. Some simply use phones for gaming, while some enjoy the easy access to social media platforms that phones give.

However, users had evolved from that age when they got just any kind of phone. In this day and age, users are highly concerned about the model of phones that they are using. With the release of each new model by brands like Apple and Samsung, users troop to stores to stay up-to-date.

Funnily, many of these users hardly know of the unique features of each new model. The major concern for the bulk of them is the camera quality of the phone or how the phone makes them look each time they hold it in their hands.

Change is key- and that’s what happened to mobile phones.

Mobile phones as a style statement

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Frankly, phones and the purpose of buying them have changed over the years. Many people now purchase phones the way they would purchase a designer bag or an exotic car, not minding the cost. This has increased the rate at which users buy phones, as opposed to the era where users bought phones to make calls simply.

Even some producers now make certain models as luxury items to suit the status of the buyer. Yearly, Phone-producing companies add new features that capture the eyes of the masses. And of course, they make a lot of sales!

With the technological advancement in every passing second, people are becoming mindful of technological changes. Users generally prefer to use advanced gadgets, whether they are interested in their unique features or they just like the idea of carrying them around.

The latest phones have many advanced features including GPRS, EDGE, Music players directly connected to the internet, Java MIDP, Bluetooth, high-resolution astounding look cameras, and Document Viewer. Some people like to call them mini computers, thanks to their capabilities.

There are two categories of people that hold their mobile dear as a style statement. Those who want to bring out their phones while on a group trip (probably the latest apple or Samsung device) to make people know their social class. And those who love tech and are proud of carrying a phone that can do certain things around, still making it a style statement for them. The fact that people look at phones this way drives massive sales of mobile phones.

So, what happens to the old phones of these users?

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It is now very common to see users opt to sell their old smartphones in a bid to purchase the latest models, even if it is from the same producers. For instance, a user who bought the iPhone 6 in 2016, may decide to sell it, add some more cash and get an iPhone X in 2019.

You are wondering how easy it is to sell off old phones? According to companies like Swifttechbuy a lot of old phones that are bought from customers. The customer gets good money for their old device and is also a great way to save the earth from IT waste. So, each time you plan to upgrade to a newer model, make sure you have sold off the old one and have taken care of the environment by doing your bit.

Wrapping up

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Phones are now becoming the order of the day. An average person spends 800 hours using a phone in a year- that’s up to a month! Little wonder the bulk of users want to call a very classy device their phone.

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