Archer Season 11 Concludes By Saving The World And Returning To Normal

DEN OF GEEK: Cyril’s personal growth has been a big part of this season and these final episodes see him really struggling in that department. Does he end this season in a healthy place where he’s able to put his baggage about Archer behind him, or is he still vulnerable?

CASEY WILLIS: Oh, he’s definitely not in a healthy place. There are a lot of issues that we touched on with Cyril overtly and some more subtly. We discussed a lot about his life during Archer’s coma. We may explore some of those ideas in the future, but sometimes when you make achievements in your life it is also easy to slip back into bad habits. That’s the area we are exploring with Cyril.

This episode pairs together Cheryl and Malory, which becomes a frequent combination this season. Talk a little on their dynamic this season and why they so naturally fit together.

Cheryl and Malory are great together because they are polar opposites. Malory is the boss and Cheryl is the secretary. Malory is Ego and Cheryl is Id. Cheryl goes so far to the extreme that somehow and sometimes she and Malory’s thoughts line up (e.g. let’s take over this submarine). When they line up, it’s amazing and hilarious.

This season has teased the idea that Archer is still in his coma and this finale has the biggest examples of this as he flashes through his various realities. Talk about the temptation to play around with this once more and what’s really going on with Archer in this finale. 

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