Anne Hathaway’s ‘The Witches’ Transformation Vs. Anjelica Huston: Pics –

Anne Hathaway takes on the terrifying role of the Grand High Witch from Anjelica Huston in ‘The Witches’ remake. Her transformation is downright shocking just like Anjelica’s was way back in 1990.

The remake of Roald Dahl’s The Witches is now available on HBO Max just in time for Halloween. There are a few changes in the 2020 version of The Witches, based on Roald Dahl’s book of the same name, but one core thing remains the same: the Grand High Witch’s transformation is absolutely terrifying. Anjelica Huston, 69, slayed the role in the 1990 original movie, and now Anne Hathaway, 37, is stepping into the wicked role.

Anjelica Huston’s version of the Grand High Witch vs. Anne Hathaway’s version. (Warner Bros / The Everett Collection)

Anne’s version of the Grand High Witch is very different from Anjelica’s version. When Anne’s Grand High Witch takes off her wig, she’s completely bald and her head is full of sores. The actress also removes the Grand High Witch’s gloves to reveal her 3-fingered hands that look like talons. Her feet just have one long toe each. Ew.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway’s Grand High Witch has only 3 fingers on each hand. (Warner Bros)

The scariest part of Anne’s transformation is the Grand High Witch’s mouth. Anne’s character has scars on both sides of her lips. When she screams or smiles, her mouth opens enormously wide to reveal a set of sharp teeth. It’s reminiscent of the Marvel Comics character Venom.

Anjelica’s Grand High Witch went for a different look. When Anjelica’s character removes her disguise, the Grand High Witch reveals that she’s actually hideous underneath. She’s completely grotesque, with a long, pointy nose, warts, hair sprouting everywhere, and a humpback. Honestly, is there anyone who didn’t have nightmares when they first saw this transformation?

Anjelica Huston
Anjelica Huston taking off the Grand High Witch’s disguise. (The Everett Collection)

The 2020 remake made a good decision in going for a totally different look regarding the horrifying Grand High Witch. An exact replica of Anjelica’s version would have been no fun! Both are very scary in their own right. At the end of the day, the Grand High Witch eventually gets a heavy dose of karma after wreaking havoc in kids’ lives, and that’s all that matters. Roald Dahl’s The Witches is now streaming on HBO Max.

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