Andy Ruiz Movie Role Ain’t For Me, Says ‘Ant-Man’ Star Michael Pena


Michael Pena has actually played everybody from Cesar Chavez to Luis in “Ant-Man” … yet the one duty you WON’T see him in is heavyweight boxing champ, Andy Ruiz

… and also why?

“Because I’d have to gain a lot of weight, my wife would kill me!”

Don’t obtain it turned, Pena has a lots of regard for Ruiz and also believes he has an excellent tale to inform … yet Ruiz is 270 pounds — and also Pena is wayyyyy smaller sized. 

Of training course, Ruiz shot to superstardom by knocking senseless unbeaten heavyweight super star Anthony Joshua — in spite of being a HEFTY wagering underdog. 

What’s fascinating … Pena — that’s remained in a LOTS OF flicks — claims he doesn’t assume  Ruiz’s tale awaits the cinema yet due to the fact that he’d like to see the individual win a couple of even more battles initially. 

So, that SHOULD play the brand-new champ?

… ask yourself if Gabriel Iglesias is offered!?

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