All You Need to Know About Air Conditioning

Introduction to air conditioning

Back in the last decades the only viable way to get cooled up would be the fan. Then, the science has evolved and came to the point where the air conditioners appeared on the scene.

These machines are using the simple thermodynamic rules to chill the air of your room and send the heat directly to the environment. The whole process is based in the freon gas that has the ability to chill the hot air from the interior of the house and transfer it to the environment.

The exact reverse procedure is followed when you need to warm up your room. Then the freon liquid is getting the heat from the environment to bring it inside your premises. The system is using special ventilators and consumes significantly lower amounts of energy than conventional fans.

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Modern air conditions

Nowadays we live in an energy-consuming world where there are many reasons for you to start thinking about how to save the planet. Less energy consumed for air conditioning has been made possible through the inverter systems that are smart enough to work only when the pump needs to circulate the air in and out of the room.

Air conditioning systems’ power and potency are measured primarily by BTUs. These units are the so called British Thermal Units and can say how strong the heat or the chill produced by the air conditioner would be.

This is extremely important when you are buying a new air conditioner. There are special information charts giving you precise directions as to how many BTUs should your air conditioning be to cover the whole of your house surfaces.

If you buy an air conditioner with less BTU you end up spending more energy since the pump of freon is working with no stopping. So, the initial investment should be done in order to buy a reliable air conditioner with the right BTU for your place.

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Tricky spots on air conditioners

Air conditioners are usually having an internal and an external unit. Latest models, however, can adjust two or more internal units to a single external one. These are better for larger apartments where there is no room for multiple external units on the balconies or terraces.

Another thing you should always be aware of is the distance between the internal and the external unit. This distance should always be bigger than 6 feet but definitely lower than 12 feet since this is the optimal range that the heated air can be efficiently transported to your room.

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Air conditioners are the top solutions for modern city places. They can make you live comfortably in your house no matter what the external weather conditions may be.

Give extra care to the type of air conditioner you are purchasing, since some of them are not supporting the heating service to areas where the external temperature falls below freezing point during the winter.

Give yourself the best air conditioner and enjoy the greatest quality of life at home!

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