8 Tips to Consider for Maintaining the Car Battery

Are you a car lover who keeps on changing cars every three to four years? No matter how frequently you change the car, it is imperative for you to maintain the car in the top-notch condition to avoid unforeseen breakdowns in your trip. The most critical part of the car you need to maintain is the battery, which supplies power to all the components. The sucking part is the flat battery, which many car owners will experience.

The modern vehicles have battery problems that arise without giving any wake-up call to the owners. 50% of the issues will arise when you are going out. Just like mobile batteries, even those for cars will have a certain life span, which makes them lose their charging capability over a period of time. The lead-acid batteries would retain their power for 42 months, and after that, is it time for you to replace a new one to make the car function as usual.

However, the battery life would depend on various factors such as climatic conditions of the place, kilometres that you travel, and the charging circuit performance of the car. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips that will help you maintain the car battery for a long time. Besides, you can visit Carcody.com for additional tips or guides related to car maintenance.

1. Do not go for short trips very frequently


Whenever you start the car, it is going to do some kind of workout. This means it has to recharge before the journey starts. So, if you are taking the car only to the grocery stores or nearby shops, the engine would not get the lost power. If you are doing this same thing regularly, the battery voltage would go down and won’t let the car start easily. You can keep up the car battery life by driving for a long-distance and for a longer time. In case you are using the car once in a month, then you should get the battery charger to maintain the voltage optimal.

2. Keep the battery tightly fastened

When the car starts to vibrate, it will reduce the longevity of the battery. It is recommended for you to use the clamp that holds the charge for a long time. If it is not fastened quickly, it will deteriorate the components present in the battery caused by unnecessary vibration. This eventually results in a short circuit and a reduction of its life span. Do not tighten the battery too much so that it gets damaged sooner. You can tighten the nuts until you can.

3. Reduce the power when the engine is OFF

The car batteries will feel fully energized only when you are keeping them completely charged. You should not turn on the headlights and interior lights when the engine is not ON. Car experts never recommend this. Before you step out of the vehicle, it is critical for you to turn Off the AC and lights in the car and then walk out.

4. Clean the battery regularly

Make sure that the battery equipped in the car is in the top-notch condition and is clean and away from dust and grime. When it is unclean, it would discharge the charge from the casing and create a short circuit. This eventually results in a flat battery. The terminals of the battery are prone to corrosion due to dust. If you want to increase the life span, keep it clean. Use the baking soda and water to clean it periodically. Later, you can use cold water to clean it with a dry or damp cloth.

5. Reduce the battery from getting exposed to the sun

There is a misconception that is buried in the minds of the people that cold climatic conditions would kill the car battery. They require a lot of power to make the engine start in the cold climatic condition. Moreover, extreme heat would also result in damage due to the water evaporation from battery cells. The best way to keep the car in the proper temperature is to park the vehicle in the shade during the scorching summer season or in the garage.

6. Test your battery frequently

If you want to maximize its life, then make sure to check its condition regularly. You can test the battery’s output voltage level with the help of a tester. It will help you track how well you are maintaining it and determine whether you need to buy a new one.

7. Control the corrosion

The terminals of a battery tend to corrode over time, and hence, keeping them clean from the buildup is one of the most effective ways to extend its life. You can use a toothbrush, dip it in a mixture of baking soda and water and then scrub it on the terminals. Later, use a spray bottle with cold water to rinse off the mixture and clean the terminals with a dry cloth.

8. Fully charge the battery at least once a week

Your car’s battery will drain even when it is off. That is why you must have noticed that whenever you come home after a long vacation, your car’s battery is dead. In such situations, you can use chargers (either solar or regular) to maintain the optimum charge level of your battery even when you aren’t using the car.

Remember that you should fully charge your car’s battery at least once a week as it will greatly impact its lifespan. You can do this with the charger, interchanging the batteries, or taking the car on a long ride. But make sure you don’t overcharge it because the lead-acid batteries release hydrogen and oxygen gases when they are overcharged, which can lead to an explosion or break down water composition.

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If you want your car to ride effectively and give the best performance, then make sure you follow these tips to maintain your car’s battery life.

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