8 Tips For Perfect Sous Vide Food – A 2020 Guide

If you heard about one of the newest and hottest trends in the culinary world called sous vide, you might be thinking about purchasing a machine that will allow you to prepare some delicious food at home. However, you might now be wondering – what are some tips that I can keep in mind in order for the food to be perfect?

Luckily for all individuals searching for an answer to this question, this article might be able to help you. The text below is going to feature 8 tips that you should definitely keep in mind when making sous vide meals, however, let’s first take a look at what this cooking method actually is:

Sous Vide: Explained

Sous vide is a culinary method for making meals in a sealed pack. Basically, you’ll need to place all of your ingredients in a vacuum pack and put it in heated water. After that, you’ll have to adjust the heat and then allow the liquid to boil all of the ingredients in the pack. The outcome? Well, for most things, you’ll be able to get a perfectly cooked meal, and leaving it for longer will only increase the tenderness of the food.

Tips For Preparing Food

Naturally, there is a wide range of tips that you can choose to follow, however, if it is your first time preparing such food, there are some basic ones that you’ll want to keep in mind, especially since they will allow you to prepare a perfect meal. The tips you’ll want to remember include:

  1. First Things First – Wisely Choose The Raw Herbs And Spices

Once you choose the meat you wish to cook, your next move is to carefully choose the raw herbs, spices, and flavorings that you’ll put in the pack. Why? Well, specific herbs can have a stronger taste and if you leave it for a longer time, it might ruin the taste of the rest of the ingredients.

For instance, pepper and garlic will make the flavors stronger in the bag, while onions and thyme might diminish the first flavor you were going for. Additionally, you might want to think about using dried herbs in the entire process, mostly because they won’t overpower the flavor in any way.

  1. The Bag Needs to Be Sealed Perfectly

When you place all of your ingredients in the pack, you’ll want to ensure that the fastener is secured and that there are no air pockets between the ingredients and packaging. If you don’t check this, you might notice that the content is cooked unevenly. Why? Well, the bag needs to be in contact with the ingredients, hence, ensure that there is no air inside.

Img source: sousvidetools.com

  1. Carefully Place Your Pot

According to the experts from sousvidechef.au, a Sous Vide Machine can discolor a countertop such as granite, marble, or wood, which is why you must ensure that you place the pot on an insulated pad or on a countertop that cannot be damaged by heat. So, when you are ready for cooking, ensure that you protect the area where you’ll leave the machine to do its thing.

  1. The Pack Needs to Be in Liquid At All Times

You might notice the vacuum pack staying on the surface of the liquid and if this happens, there is probably air inside of the container. If you choose to get rid of it it, it will probably stay below the water – except if you’re preparing something light like fish. You can either attach a safe weight that will hold the bag down or you can take it out, eliminate the air, and then return it into the pot.

Img source: indoorwaterparknj.com

  1. The Heat Needs to Be Right

Every single ingredient such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat have a specific and different temperature that it needs in order to be prepared well. Additionally, the heating temperature and time will also depend on the thickness of the ingredients, hence, ensure that you do some digging and learn how long you’ll need to cook each dish.

  1. Browning Needs to Be Done Carefully

When your ingredients are done cooking, you might want to brown it in a pan, especially if you’re making meat or fish. However, in order to do it properly, you’ll need to ensure that you do it as fast as possible since if you don’t, you might end up overcooking and ruining the entire meal.

Hence, if you, for instance, want to sear a steak on some butter, you’ll want to heat the pan as much as you can before putting the meat on it. Once you place it, give it a few seconds and repeat the same process for the other side. Again, it needs to be done quickly, especially if you do not want your meat turning black or gray.

Img source: chefsteps.com

  1. Be Careful About The Liquids in The Bag

When you are adding different things to your bag, ensure that you do not add too much liquid. Of course, you can and should add oil or butter, however, make sure that you only add how much is enough to prepare the ingredients in the bag. If you add too much, you might end up ruining how the entire meal tastes like and it might cause fish and some other tender meat such as chicken to break down – which you’ll definitely want to avoid.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

There are various things that you can add to your bag, hence, if you make a mistake with the seasoning, temperature, or searing, do not worry, this will only help you learn better and quicker. Additionally, do not be afraid of experimenting, especially since it will allow you to create a wide range of dishes that will suit your taste.

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As you can see, there is a wide range of tips that you should keep in mind when preparing sous vide food at home. However, if you choose to follow the tips mentioned in the list above, you won’t only make the entire process easier and less time-consuming, but, you’ll also ensure that your food is cooked perfectly.

So, now that you are aware of the things you need to keep in mind, you should not lose any more time. Instead, you should opt for a recipe, gather all of the ingredients that you need, and start preparing a meal that will certainly leave your taste buds craving for more delicious food!

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