8 Remote Work Tools For Remote Teams

Remote working has become an enormous trend, and it is rising day by day. Many top companies have started employing remote workers, and due to this, the need for remote working tools has also increased. So, if your job also involves working from home or working remotely for a professional company, this article will solve a lot of your problems. In this article, you will get a list of top 8 remote work tools that will help you work from home more effectively. These tools are very useful for remote teams and can make their work a lot easier. So if you are eager to learn more, then keep reading.

1. Basecamp

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Basecamp is one of the most popular remote work tools, and it is mostly used by freelancers, teams, managers, and agencies. This is team management and project management software that helps you communicate with the clients and manage the project more efficiently. The best thing about Basecamp is that it comes with a clean design and simple functionality, which makes it very easy and convenient to use. With this software, you will get different tools and features for organizing conversations, sharing ideas, and to keep members connected through the entire project.

2. Troop Messenger

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As the name suggests, Troop Messenger is a very simple tool that enables team members to interact with each other without any barriers. It is designed for all types of enterprises. With this, users can connect instantly through video or audio calls. They can also share the location and create unlimited groups as per their needs. The best thing about this tool is that it offers integration with many other useful apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox. It is not just a regular messaging tool. Your team can use it to migrate their documents and files within few minutes.

3. Kickidler

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Kickidler is highly advanced monitoring software that provides you a lot of useful features to maintain proper workflow. It comes with features like employee productivity analyses, and time tracking that helps the team leaders manage all the employees more effectively. Apart from this, you can also access multiple real-time screens to keep an eye on all the areas. If you want, then you can use its record option to store the history of actions on your PC or laptop. This tool offers a self-monitoring interface that helps the employees get all information about their productivity statistics.

4. Audext

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Audext is an online audio transcription tool that helps you convert voice to the text within minutes. It is a useful tool for journalists as they can use it to transcribe their speech to text. With Audext, they won’t have to manually type every word, so they can fully engage with the subjects. The best thing about Audext is that it is very easy to use. You have to upload your audio file, and it will convert that into text very quickly. This does not only save a lot of time, but it also gives more accurate transcription. For more information, click here.

5. Zoom

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Zoom is another very popular remote work tool that is used by different corporate and business companies. It is a video conferencing tool that allows you to connect with other colleagues very easily. This tool provides high-quality video calling; that’s why most schools and colleges also use it to provide online classes. It is very easy to use video calling app that comes with affordable pricing plans. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to record any call with a complete length video. It also enables you to share your screens with other teams, which makes combined discussions very convenient. Some other Zoom features include Zoom room, meetings, video webinar, voice sharing, and business IM.

6. Instagantt

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Instagantt is a complete project management software that enables you to plan, schedule, and control your projects visually. It’s not just a regular Gant chart creator. You can use it to develop highly accurate illustrations of your projects. You can use also this tool to streamline your workflow and collaborate with other members. It comes with different features that can help you create tasks, templates, milestones, notification, and many more things. Apart from this, it also helps you track information regarding deadlines details. Priorities estimated costs and time, etc. You can manage multiple clients, projects, and if you want, then you can even track the performance of other employees.

7. Google Drive

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Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms that help store all of your essential data and files in one place. The best thing about Google Drive is that it completely secure, and anyone can use it without any problems. It enables the remote workers to keep their slide presentations, spreadsheets, and other important documents at a centralized location. They can easily share these files instantly, and Google Drive provides a feature to sync all the files across different devices. This helps individuals view and update the files from anywhere.

8. Slack

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Slack is another messaging tool that is made to help remote works communicate effectively with their colleagues. Workers can use it to connect with other team members and share comments and ideas in real-time. This makes the workflow smoother, and you can communicate with your entire team very easily. It provides Slack channels for instant collaboration and messaging. The best thing about Slack is that it is available for both android and IOS devices. This tool brings your entire team under one roof, which makes managing remote workers very easy.


The remote working trend is on the rise, and there is no doubt it will be huge in the coming years. However, remote working provides a lot of benefits, but sometimes it becomes a little difficult to communicate and work with other team members. Fortunately, now many remote working tools can easily solve all the major problems people face working remotely. All the tools mentioned above are very popular, and if you use them properly, then it can make your work more convenient.

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