8 Reasons to Use Neon Lights in Your Restaurant Design

Neon lights have been a mainstay in restaurants for over a century. Ever since their creation during the late 1800’s, neon lights have been used to create neon signs to attract potential customers.

Even in this day and age, neon signs still grace the doors of many establishments. Which makes you wonder: what makes neon lights so popular? What makes their appeal so timeless? Should you also use them in your restaurant design? Here are 8 reasons to use neon lights in your restaurant design.

1. They are Classy

If there’s one thing you should know about neon lights, it is the fact that they are very classy. This may be due to their retro feel, or the fact that they have been used by establishments through the decades, whatever the reason though, neon lights are very classy and installing a neon sign to your restaurant can give your restaurant a unique sense of style.

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2. Easy Installation

Back in the day, neon signs were predominantly made of glass materials, and it costs a fortune to have them installed. The bigger the signs, the more expensive they were. However, in the past few decades neon light technology has reached new heights. According to Ginde Star, personalized neon signs are now so much easier to install.

Companies such as Gindestar create custom-made neon lights that can be installed with minimal time or effort. Their products are composed of flexible, cuttable and shapeable neon lights. You will also have the option to choose the  dimensions and the type of LED chips that it will contain. Overall, with the new neon light technology available, you won’t have to spend a small fortune, just to have it installed.

3. Durability

Aside from the ease of installation, one of the best features of modern neon lights is its durability. In the early days of neon light technology, neon signs were made of glass materials. They cost a small fortune to install, and because they were made of glass they were a lot easier to shatter.

Modern neon lights are now made of more durable materials such as PVC and Silicone. This not only makes them very durable but flexible as well. This means designers can bend and twist them into intricate shapes without any danger of them breaking.  They can also be left out in the open and be exposed to the elements without any danger of them breaking or shorting out. When it comes choosing neon lights for your restaurant, durability should always be a big factor in your choice.

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4. Customizability

One of the best features of the more modern neon lights is its customizability. These types of neon lights are made of PVC material and could be formed into a myriad of shapes. By using these types of neon lights you can customize key aspects of your restaurant.

Aside from your restaurant’s neon sign, you can also use neon lights to brighten up your establishment. Whether your restaurant is Italian themed or a 50’s Themed diner, you can still use neon lights to highlight the best parts of your restaurant.

5. Unique Look

Aside from creating great food, one of the most important factors of having a thriving restaurant is having a unique look. Diners won’t really be enticed to dine in a restaurant that lacks personality. By using neon lights in your restaurant design, you will be able to make it stand out.

So before you start installing neon lights in your restaurant, you should have a set plan. Think about your restaurant’s overall look and how you want diners to perceive it. Neon lights are extremely versatile tools and you can create great works of art with them. You just need the right design to follow.

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6. More Visibility During Nighttime

If your restaurant operates around the clock, neon lights are a great addition to your restaurant design. They will not only make your restaurant more attractive, but they will also improve your restaurant’s visibility during nighttime. They could also act as a guide for potential visitors that don’t know where your restaurant is.

You could install neon lights to direction signs that lead to your establishment. Just make sure that you don’t use lights that are too glaring, because they may accidentally blind your potential diners. So if you are going to choose neon lights, you should make sure to choose lights with a cooler tone.

7. They are Eco-Friendly

One of the best things about using the more modern neon-lights is that they are mostly made up of eco-friendly materials. They are also energy efficient and won’t consume too much energy. This means you will be able to save up on energy bills,while decorating your restaurant in the best way possible. Modern neon lights can also last for a decade, so you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

Source: The Spaces

8. They are Easy to Maintain

Although modern neon lights are very long lasting, they can get depleted in the long run. There’s no need to worry though. Neon signs are very easy to maintain and you won’t have to replace the whole sign. You just need to replace the sections that have shorted out, and the whole design will be as good as new.  Neon lights are also quite affordable, so you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to replace them.


When it comes to running a restaurant, you should find ways to make your establishment stand out. Using neon lights is an effective method because it adds a certain flair to your restaurant design. With the new innovations in neon light technology, you can now create works of art with minimal effort and expense. As a whole, neon lights are a great way to elevate your restaurant design.

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