7 Tips for Finding an Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

Do you trust your auto repair shop? Well, if they are doing their job fairly, chances are good that you have confidence in the mechanics you work with. However, there are many people who don’t trust their car repair shop. According to some research conducted in the United States, as many as two-thirds of U.S. citizens don’t trust or at least not fully trust the car repair shops. Is this worrying and should it scare vehicle owners?

Well, it all depends on who you work with. Yes, the fact is that auto repair scams do happen. The most common are upsells, i.e. situations when a mechanic convinces you that you need to do some parts replacement, purchase some additional services or similar. This most often happens with tires, engine oil change, filter replacement, etc. Simply, if you don’t know much about cars, you can easily be scammed by persuasions and tricks of car mechanics.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your car repair shop is unreliable. Of course, there are good car repair shops, as well, but, if you still think that your auto mechanic will screw you, maybe it’s time to find a new one. Here are some tips on how to find a car repair shop you can trust. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

1. Ask family, friends, or neighbors

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We have another question for you. Do you trust the people closest to you? Your answer is probably “Yes”. If so, why not ask them about the best and most trusted car repair shops in the city? Friends, family, and even neighbors (if you’re OK with them) are probably willing to help you with the problem of finding a good car mechanic.

It is very likely that all of them also own and drive cars. Also, the fact is that their cars require maintenance as well. Therefore, there is no better recommendation than the one you received from a person you trust and know for a long period of time.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing when looking for an auto repair shop you can trust is to check with people you can trust because they will certainly not screw you over.

2. Go online

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These days, everything you can think of is available online, just a few clicks away. Therefore, why not take advantage of the availability and resources that the world wide web offers us? Yes, that’s a good question? Why do we often forget to check some things on the internet, which is also used by other people, with perhaps similar dilemmas and problems.

So, one of the very important things you need to do is type in your browser, for example “best car repair shops near me”. That way, you get to the source very quickly and very easily.

Once you’re online, why not take a look at some other user reviews. In this way, you can read the real-life experiences of others who needed similar services.

3. Check the auto repair shop website

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If you have chosen a short list of potential auto repair shops that, according to the comments and reviews of other users, seem trustworthy to you, then it is time to do a little more detailed research. Do not close your browser, but check if the car service has a website. If so, check in more detail if they have any certificates, what services they offer, maybe read some more comments on their official website, etc.

All of the above is important to gain trust in an auto repair shop. The very fact that they own a website, and that they want to present their services to potential users is very important nowadays. Simply, this method allows you to get acquainted in more detail with everything that a car repair shop has to offer. As a final result, their service looks trustworthy, which is important for both parties. A great example is tediousrepairs.com. We suggest you check out this site.

4. Licenses

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Another question. Would you rather choose software from a trusted, licensed developer, or would you rather download a pirated version that could damage your computer? While this issue has little to do with cars, it is a great example of how something unreliable can ruin one, in this case a device. The same thing is with the car and repairs on your vehicle.

For example, if you are looking for a reliable auto repair shop, check if it belongs to the Approved Auto Repair Network. Also, another plus is if it has AAA certification. In addition, the important thing is that the mechanics are certified by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). If so, it is certain that the auto repair shop is reliable and that you should not have any inconveniences.

5. Personal experience

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How to check a car service through personal experience? Simply, when you negotiate a repair for the first time, don’t immediately entrust them with a big job or a major breakdown that requires more money.

Test that car repair shop! Try a minor service, some small work to see how the mechanics work. For example, you can try changing the oil or something similar.

Car service usually offers some additional repairs and suggestions. However, play smart, postpone the final decision. If they are not putting pressure, then it is likely that you can trust them and that they really have the best intentions and want to help. Also, a reliable service will give you all the details about payment plans, warranty, etc.

6. Ask your car insurer

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You may not have known, but an insurance company can offer you more than just insurance. They are well versed in the networks of reliable but also certified auto repair shops. So, it is a great to ask your insurer for a recommendation regarding this issue. Since insurance companies can only recommend certified workshops, you can be sure that the clerk will not recommend his/her cousin Barry who is tinkering with the car.

7. Check with the carrier companies

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There is no need to explain much about tip no.7. Everything is more than clear. A company that depends solely on the correctness and operational readiness of its vehicles is unlikely to repair machines in the aforementioned cousin Barry’s workshop.


Finding a reliable car repair shop is also more than a serious matter. You simply don’t want anyone to work on your car, both for safety and for wasting money and time. Therefore, follow these 7 tips, and you will not go wrong.

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