5 Tips for Drilling Holes in Metal

Drilling holes in a metal can be very difficult for many especially those using the wrong tools and the wrong techniques. There are some easy steps or tips and ideas you can practice to achieve your desire;

For Multiple Holes, Simply Use Drill Bits

You may use some other methods of drilling a single hole in metal but when it comes to drilling several holes and you want to save time; you should consider drill bits. The reason for this is that you can find high-speed steel bit you can use to drill holes even in hardened steel. Most drills come in a set of a pack of multiple bits. You can read more reviews about drill bits for stainless steel here.

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Clamp the Steel on a Work Surface for More Accuracy

If you are handling lightweight steel, it will be better to clamp the material on a work surface to achieve an accurate hole drilling. When you clamp the metal on a workbench, it will stay in one position you can drill a hole safely, but if the clamp is loose, it can spin out of the surface and cause harm to you.

Use Stir Sticks or Shims for Painted metal Surface

If you want to drill a hole on a heavier metal, you may not need to clamp it down because it is more stable. If you are drilling a hole through lighter steel which is also painted on the surface, then you need to clamp it on a workbench and at the same time, make use of shims or stir sticks in-between the clamp and the steel you want to drill. The reason for the use of shims or stir sticks is to prevent the clamps from denting or scratching the paint.

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Use a Sharp Drill Bit for Drilling Many Holes

If you are drilling few holes in metal, you can probably do with the regular high-speed drill bit, but if you are drilling many holes especially through the hardened steel, you should consider the Black Oxide or Cobalt steel bit and then sharpen the drill bit if it is dull.

Apply 30 Weight Oil and Water or a Recommended Lubricant Oil on Drill Bit

Applying a recommended lubricant can help with drilling holes in steel. Place the lubricant oil on the point of the Drill bit, doing this will protect your drill bit and the metal during drilling. The lubricant will also help in the smoothening cut. The lubricant helps in reducing friction for a much better result.

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It pays to start drilling a hole in steel starting with half the diameter size of the hole you intend drilling. For instance, if you intend to drill a ½ inch hole in the steel, you may want to use a smaller drill to create a hole of ¼ inch diameter, before expanding the hole to ½ inch, just to reduce pressure on the metal. Do not forget to wear safety glasses and a pair of gloves when drilling holes in metals, for your protection.

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