5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overload Your Load Washer

A life without a washing machine in the 21st century is probably unimaginable to most people. Imagine having to wash every single piece of your clothing by hand. Yes, people used to do that and it was an activity that often took several hours. It isn’t just a long activity, it is also quite difficult. It is physically demanding. Fortunately, automatic load washers were introduced in the 20th century. Right now, they are very efficient, effective at their task and they are quite affordable.

However, even though these amazing machines are equipped with amazing technology, you still need to pay attention to how you use them and treat them. There are certain limits that you should not pass. There are rules that you must follow otherwise you will see bad results or it might even completely break down.

The thing you need to worry about the most is the load that you put inside of your washer. The load is all of the clothes that you put inside the machine. If you put too much clothing inside, the washer can easily get overloaded.

Here are some reasons to help you understand why you should never overload your washing machine.

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1. How much can my washer handle?

Before we start talking about all the different reasons why you should not overload it, I think it would be best to teach you how to find out how much exactly your washer can handle. Since every device is made different, they have different properties and specifications.

Some devices are equipped with a much larger drum size which allows for it to be loaded with a lot more clothing or heavier clothing.

Usually, the average machine can handle up to 5 kg which is more than enough, most of the time. In a drum size that can handle a 5 kg load, you can probably fit several different items in it. Shirts, jeans, towels, bedsheets, and underwear. Yes, I am talking about all these items put together.

Other larger drum sizes can handle 7 kg or even 10 kg loads.

If you want to know exactly how big your machine is, there is usually an information/warning sticker on the window of the door. If there isn’t one on your device, it could be located on the inside or on the bottom of the door. If you cannot manage to find it, you should also try looking inside of the detergent holder.

If this sticker simply does not exist, your next step is to find out the model and brand of your washing machine. You can usually find that information on the front or on the back. Once you obtain that information, you can Google the model and read the manual online.

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2. It can damage the drum

One of the main reasons why you should always avoid overloading your washing machine is because it can get damaged during the process. The device was designed to handle a certain amount of weight. Once you go over that limit, the washing process becomes much more stressful on the parts of the machine.

You could probably run it overloaded thousands of times, but remember that there is always the possibility, that one chance that something bad might happen to your device. I assume that you do not feel like spending money to replace the drum every year or two is a good idea, which is why you need to be careful with your load.

If you simply have to put a larger load of clothing every single time, maybe you should consider buying yourself a brand-new machine with a much larger drum size. But, with so many different models and brands on the market, it can be quite difficult to find the right one. To help you with your decision making, I think you should check here and see the website’s best top load washers and their extensive reviews.

After reading through the reviews, I am certain that you will be able to make the right choice.

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3. Your clothes will not come out clean

If you really do not care about your washing machine then you probably care about your clothes. I am certain that you have a very good sense of hygiene and you care about your look. But, you cannot maintain a proper look if you do not properly wash your clothing.

Yes, putting too many items into the drum can actually affect the final outcome. Every time, your clothes will not be cleaned properly. That is just wasted water, time, and electricity. It is much better to split your loads into two instead of cramming every single item you have into the drum.

The clothes come out still dirty because there is not enough free space inside of the trumpet to allow water to properly pass. There is no friction between different items inside, making the removal of stains impossible.

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4. It can get loud

Have you ever notice that your washing machine suddenly moved to a different location since the last time you saw it? This kind of situation has happened to most of us and it is usually because we have filled up the drum too much. The drums rotates very quickly, at several hundred or thousands rotations per minute, but since it is so full, it has a difficult time remaining in place and staying balanced.

As it starts rotating faster, it also starts shaking the entire machine, causing it to start moving forward or backward. This movement, these vibrations can be very loud. Sometimes, you can even hear loud banging.

If you care for your neighbors, or if you want some peace and quiet in your home, I would suggest that you never overload your washer.

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5. Too much weight is bad for the motor

The motor is equipped to power through a certain amount of weight. Once you go over that limit, the motor can easily get overloaded and completely burn out. The motor is probably the most expensive part of any washing machine. This is not something that you want to replace regularly.

There are probably a few more reasons you might have to consider, but I believe that these reasons I mentioned in this article are more than enough to convince you to stop overloading your washer.

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