5 Quick Tips to Kick off Weight Loss

We’ve all heard different weight loss stories like if you stop drinking soft drinks, you’ll definitely lose 10 pounds within a few months. Although, such stories may seem good to hear and promising, but yes, small life changes can help in shedding extra pounds faster.

Not only the soft drinks, but there are also dozens of bad habits. If you keep you on leaving bad habits and replace them with other healthier activities, you’ll more likely notice great weight loss and various health benefits in your life.

Here are 5 quick tips to kick-start your weight loss, start with one of these given tips, and you’ll see healthier weight loss and make you feel better:

1) Go with Low-carb Diet

You probably heard, if you want to cut body fat faster then avoid eating foodstuff which contains sugar and starches. The reason is simple, carb converts into sugar that your body uses as the primary source for energy so when you reduce carb intake then only the limited source of energy remains available to your body and as a results, your body prefers to use your body fat as a source of energy – this is time when you body start burning fat.

Moreover, low-carb diet suppresses the appetite and makes you feel full. It may even promote weight loss during rest.

You can aim for reducing the carb diet up to 40% from your routine diet. Always focus on eating high fiber food that you get from natural and complex sources of food such as oat, bulgur, green vegetables, and sweet potatoes.

source: dietdoctor.com

2) Add Protein with Every Meal

When it comes to losing weight fast, protein plays a key role in your daily routine. Diet rich with protein, speeds up your metabolism and implement a positive impact on your body composition. It has been found that people who consume protein in daily routine burn 80 to 100 more calories per day then people don’t. This is because of its high thermogenic effect than carbs and fats which forces your body to use more energy in order to digest protein and make use of it.

It also has bodybuilding benefits as it helps in building the greater muscle mass and low-fat mass which is greatly effective in speeding up your metabolic rate and result in burning more calories.

To make it work, you can focus on getting high-quality protein sources such as eggs in your breakfast, eat chicken, or lean meat or fish in your lunch or dinner and if you’re an athlete, then you can add whey protein to your diet regimen.

source: doctorallie.com

3) Add High-Quality Dietary Supplementation

Losing weight can be difficult and more often, you see the results that don’t meet your expectation. Weight loss isn’t limited to starving yourself or restricting your food choice, YES, you can still lose weight fast without eating less. Using the nutritional supplement with proven high-quality natural ingredients can help you accelerate your weight loss by 70% alongside a healthy diet and workout regime.

The market is full of a variety of diet supplements from thousands of different brands and choosing the BEST one for yourself can be a bit overwhelming. However, you can go with one with little to no side effects and contains only scientifically proven ingredients.

source: usp.org

4) Drink More Water

Your body can’t perform well if your body isn’t fully hydrated. Dehydrated cells and organs cause the poor functioning of the metabolism in your body. Incorporating enough water intake in your daily routine soothes the guts and boosts the metabolism of your body. It also acts as an appetite suppressant which helps in shedding the extra pounds of fats.

Drink lots of water, and you can take green tea which neutralizes the effect of fatty acids and cleans the internal body waste.

source: medicalnewstoday.com

5) Get Enough Sleep

When it comes to losing weight, you just can’t ignore sleep just like your diet and exercise. If you’re on a weight loss journey, an important factor that most individuals miss is the sleep of less of seven hours that alters the way, your body responds to food which dramatically results in weight gain and poor physical health.

That’s totally misleading that your body burns more fat only when we’re awake longer. In fact, it slows down the metabolic rate of your body to accomplish the overall functioning of your body. By taking enough sleeping period, you actually set yourself with an increased metabolism with high chances of losing more calories that result in faster weight loss.

So, if you want to lose weight while sleeping then make sure you’re not missing the sleep of 8.5 hours to be exact.

source: argyllfreepress.com

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