5 Handy Tips for Rapid Custom Android App Development

Mobile applications have any building companies, as well as customers, are to reduce their overall effort concerned with the performance of regular operations. There are various solutions, software, and even methods that are used by companies for the creation of a dedicated android-based application for different types of smart devices. Long TAT is a big letdown for businesses and developers engaged in mobile application development. Since the mobile app market is evolving rapidly with many individuals and enterprises coming up with innovative ideas to grab their share of the audience, besides quality, the speed to market is a critical factor. From a commercial perspective, since developing mobile apps is a costly affair, the quicker the product is delivered, the higher the profits. The following tips would come handy for Android app development companies in significantly shortening their end-to-end app development cycle.

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To deliver high-quality apps quickly, developers have to work smart. Mastering the plethora of tools in the Android SDK isn’t a prudent move from that perspective. Instead, they should leverage a high-performance mobile application development platform (MADP) that’s popular among Android app developers. There are dedicated platforms that provide various solutions and features that can be combined for the creation of an official application with greater efficiency. Also, rather than following the waterfall methodology of development the demands sticking to a planned schedule with no scope for continuous iterations, they must resort to Rapid Application Development (RAD), a form of agile software development methodology. It allows higher development flexibility and helps them prioritize quick prototype releases and iterations. The adoption of a dedicated platform with an agile framework can provide this flexibility to companies for the development of android-based applications with effectiveness. Any kind of operations or iterations can be easily added. Moreover, the testing procedure can be completed simultaneously for better workflow.

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2. Automated testing

Your experience in mobile app development would remind you of the long app-testing cycles that invariably delay the release of the product. But it’s a fact that vigorous testing is an integral part of all successful apps. This is why Android app development companies around the world harness automated application testing tools that significantly reduce the testing time with no compromise on quality. They allow testers to apply multiply testing methods simultaneously to ensure error-free apps for better outcomes. A dedicated software or platform using an automated system for testing the applications can help in eradicating the need for human effort. Moreover, the workflow concerned with the creation and their respective testing can also be streamlined. Automated testing of android-based applications can help in the use of all the available channels and methods to ensure an application is functioning properly which benefits companies as well as customers.

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3. Create an MVP

Creating a Minimum Viable Product rather than waiting for the completion of the final app allows you to validate the app idea. An MVP includes the core functionality of the app and you can set frequent deadlines and release it to maintain the momentum of the overall development process. Once an MVP is released, developers can collect user feedback and implement those in the next release. By delivering just the primary features, you ensure maximum returns in the shortest period. All the necessary upgrades and features in the future can be added based upon customer responses. These benefits organizations have new features that can improve the functioning of a particular application that can be integrated within the same using a minimum viable product that is an application with minimum basic features.

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4. Get external help

Your in-house workforce may not be enough to deliver quality products while handling aggressive deadlines. They may not possess the necessary expertise or time for the development of a ready application that can be delivered to the final customers. On the flip side, professional mobile app development companies specialize in building highly complex apps with unmatched agility. Once they agree to your requirements and deadlines, you can rest assured that the product would be delivered on time. Besides quick development, outsourcing also saves you substantial cash and efforts and lets you work on the other aspects of your business. Getting external help can reduce the time and cost associated with creating a perfect application. An outsourcing firm may possess the necessary expertise and technology which can help in the creation of an application.

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5. Create build variants

The creation of different variants of a particular application can help in the selection of the best among them consisting of necessary features as required by customers. Certain unwanted features can slow the performance of an application and thereby make them redundant for a customer. The higher the number of unwanted configurations in the app, the slower the incremental builds. Hence, it’s strongly advised not to overdo the features and configurations and retain only those that are needed in the development and release versions. Also, refrain from compiling additional resources that add little value to the app, such as screen density resources, additional language localizations, and more. This can help in improving the overall functionality and productivity of an application that can be used by customers with greater efficiency. According to getsmartcoders.com companies should, therefore, focus on providing all the necessary features as needed for making an application functional and effective.


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Today, businesses that struggle to meet stringent deadlines and take their apps to the market are also haunted by the possibility of their competitors pitching a similar app before they do. The development of an application and its delivery on time is necessary for tackling the extensive competition a company faces. However, in this race to release the app at the earliest, Android app development companies should never compromise on the quality of the products. Therefore, all the cost and effort as applied for the creation of an application goes down the drain. Adhering to the aforementioned points would be instrumental in your search for the best app development strategy. Moreover, devising a perfect strategy for the creation of an application is crucial and should be followed by the book for its optimum creation and timely delivery to the ultimate customers.

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