5 Best Laser Marking Machines to Buy in 2020

Lasers used to be devices we mostly saw in science fiction movies or tied only to the biggest industries and the military. There was even talk of weapons like the Death Ray, which caused great controversy and public interest 100 years ago. Today, there are even systems like the Laser Weapon System that resemble Death Ray and are used by the US military.

But lasers are also all around us. It has become a very accessible and not so expensive technique of processing different materials. It has become so easily available that many models can be purchased at very affordable prices. So whether you want to start a business or just personalize gifts, you won’t have to invest big money in one of those cutters. It’s always nice when you give someone something that you will make unique by adapting it to the person you are giving it to.

Of course if you are planning a big business, then you need a very powerful machine. But laser marking because it is another technique that is a bit less used, so if you are starting a business, it would be good to have it as well. It is used for many things, including medical devices. We will introduce you the best laser marking machines to buy in 2020, but also the most important things to pay attention to when buying.

Things to consider when buying

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Depending on which machine to buy, the speed at which the whole process is done will vary. The faster, the better for you, of course, because more work will be done. So speed is one of the main criteria that should help you when shopping. To simplify, the faster the machine, the more money you will make.


Price plays a role in any purchase, even here. You will need to compare your budget with the price of the machine and your needs. Find a balance between quality and speed and price. It is necessary to calculate that the purchase pays off and that you will make a profit quickly and not cover the loss caused by the purchase.


As laser markers work a lot, it is very important to know how durable they are. So it’s best to test before you buy and read the reviews, to know what to expect. If it is not durable enough, you will suffer from financial losses. Firstly because you will constantly have to spend money on repairs, and secondly you will not be able to do the job that brings you money so you will be at a double loss. Of course it is up to you to handle it carefully so as not to lead to malfunction.

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It is necessary to check that it has all the most modern features that you will need, and not to buy an outdated machine. It does not even need to be too complex and contain many unnecessary features, because the more complex it is, the more susceptible it is to failure.

Best laser marking machines to buy in 2020

1. SFX Laser Fiber Marker 20W

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What will definitely get you first is the price. It costs 3,500 dollars, which is very favorable considering all the possibilities it offers. It is portable and you can use it in different places. You can use it for different materials such as aluminum and gold, as well as for many others so that it will surely meet your needs. It has a touchscreen and the speed is satisfactory. There are faster ones, but at this price it is the best choice. As a drawback it is stated that the use is a bit complicated, especially if we try to get information from the manual that we got with it.

2. HeatSign 20W

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Another very strong machine that is not big. The manufacturer guarantees that it can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as jewelry and everything else. This model is further accelerated, and electricity consumption is not too high. It is very precise, so you can work with small things. It is compatible with computer programs such as AutoCAD and CorelDRAW. It is also very durable, which is very important, as we have already told you.

3. TEN-HIGH Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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It is more expensive than the previous two models from the list, but not much, because the price is around five thousand dollars. It is very fast, even twice as much as most average models. It is considered among the fastest on the market. The quality of the beam is at the highest level, so it works without problems with all types of metals. It has received high marks on all review sites because it works great and is very durable, once you buy it, you won’t have to think about breakdowns and maintenance for a long time. Also, it is very easy to install.

4. 355nm 3W 5W 8W UV Laser Marking Engraving Machine

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Here you get two for the price of one. Both marking and engraving. It can be used for a variety of materials, there are almost no materials you will not be able to work with. It has excellent cooling systems, so it can work for a long time without a break. Compared to the previous three models it is larger. Visit laserhispeed.com to see the dimensions so you know if the size suits you.

5. DIHORSE Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Due to the great precision with which it performs tasks, great for barcodes, serial numbers and similar things that are done on metal. It is very high quality and users have had positive experiences with it, and it is primarily intended for smaller manufacturers. What is a big bonus is that you get lifetime technical support from DIHORSE, which is something few companies can offer you. The warranty is valid for one year.


It is important to pay attention to all the factors we listed when buying. If you do not want to explore the market, then some of the 5 models we have listed are an excellent choice, as they meet all the necessary standards.

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