5 Best Cookbooks of 2020

The learning process of cooking can be a bit complicated at first, but once you really get the hang of it, it can be really fun and delicious. However, when you reach a higher level of expertise in cooking, things get even better and you can truly impress your friends with the meals you will be able to prep. Although, becoming an expert in this skill will not be easy, and to achieve that a person needs help from a professional or from a cookbook.

Fortunately, there are so many cookbooks out there that can truly teach you the entire essence of what it means to be a good chef. With it, you can learn how to treat food such as fruits, vegetables, and meat and you also learn how to cut them, prepare them, and finally cook them.

Right now, there are a ton of different cookbooks that you can find on the Internet, but which ones are the best for a beginner? Well, you will not have to worry about that because in this article I am going to show you the best cookbooks of 2020 I could find. Whichever of these you pick, know that you have made a good decision.

1. Vegetable Kingdom: the Abundant World of Vegan Recipes by Bryant Terry

Source: The Kitchn

I think it is best to accept the fact that the world is slowly taking a turn into a different type of lifestyle. These days, so many people are trying to get rid of all the unhealthy and nasty habits. So many of us are aiming to live a better mark on the world, help keep it clean and keep our bodies clean too. One of the best ways you can make your body healthier and keep the world cleaner is by switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

I know that not everyone agrees with this statement, but it is time to accept the truth. It might be easier to provide the human body with the right amount of nutrition by eating meat, but with the right precepts, vegans and vegetarians can get the nutrient that they need. Vegetable Kingdom by Bryant Terry will tell you all about those recipes that can change your life.

If you truly want to reduce the number of emissions in the atmosphere, it is time to stop supporting the meat industry around the planet. This might be a long process, but step-by-step, we will probably get there.

2. Look Great Naked by Nathan Chase Plummer

Nathan Chase is an author that has sold his books internationally because of his knowledge of food and fitness. As he likes to say, it is not just about looking great, it is also important to look great while making it. It looks like that is his entire motto and you can easily see that he believes in his own motto just by the look of the cover photo of the book. Nathan Chase Plummer does look great naked and if you do want to follow in his footsteps, you can just get his cookbook.

I really like his take on all those different recipes because he has experience from all across the globe. He found all the different styles in different countries and combined them into a diet that would help with fat loss and muscle gain.

If you want a good example of his recipes, you can check out his quirky videos on YouTube.

3. Everyone Can Bake: Simple Recipes to Master and Mix by Dominique Ansel

Source: Salon.com

In the other two previous options, I extensively wrote about being healthy, staying shape, and protecting the environment. But, cooking is not always a job, it is not always about helping you stay in shape, sometimes it is just an activity that helps you relax and have fun. It is not always about creating for yourself, you can start providing meals for others and enjoy while you are doing that.

This is why I believe it is also important to have a cookbook that focuses on baking, especially baking sweets such as cakes, jams, tarts, and so on. Having a tasty treat once in a while will hurt nobody and a couple of extra calories surely will not do any harm to your weekly diet.

So, if you truly want to master the skill of baking and if you want to create a beautiful cake the next time your friends have a birthday, I recommend getting Everyone Can Bake by Dominique Ansel.

4. Dinner in French: My Recipes by Way of France by Melissa Clark

Source: YouTube

Different cultures around the world have been built on different styles of cooking. Sometimes there will be certain types of meals that can only be found in a certain country. A master chef has experience from all around the globe. Someone that wants to learn travels around the globe and learns from different cultures and tastes.

However, most people do not aim to become a master chef. Most of us just want to be good in the kitchen and that is all we need. We want to impress our friends and ourselves with our ability to cook. In other words, there is no need to travel around the globe to truly learn the taste of a different country. The easier way to achieve that is by buying a cookbook that will tell you about that certain different culture.

A great example of such a cookbook is Dinner in French by Melissa Clark.

5. Cool Beans by Joe Yonan

Source: Martha’s Vineyard Magazine

Many people claim that the easiest way to obtain protein aside from meat is through beans. Beans, chickpeas, lentils, and everything else that falls into this group is rich with all kinds of proteins. Sure, a chicken breast does provide a lot more protein, but this may be a much healthier alternative.

The best thing about beans is that there are hundreds of ways to prepare them. You can boil them, fry them, or even bake them in the oven. To help you learn those recipes, I recommend Cool Beans by Joe Yonan.

Every single one of these cookbooks will deliver you hundreds of different recipes that are both healthy and super tasty.

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