5 Best Catalytic Converter Cleaners 2020

Build-up on the vehicle catalytic converter can affect the performance of your car. Over time, carbon accumulates in a cat-converter reducing the efficiency of your vehicle. Furthermore, carbon emissions are one of the major pollutants of the environment causing the vast majority of problems from climate change, extinction of certain wildlife, and the variety of diseases for humans. Because of this, and many more issues, catalytic converter cleaners are an important part of regular car maintenance.

Before you grab that bottle from the store shelf consider a few points regarding the type of vehicle you’re driving. Some cleaners are not compatible with 2-stroke engines, so be careful. If you can’t find any information on the instructions, ask the seller to help you out. For more details go to carfixbook.com.

Also, some new brands are usually giving major discounts and offer very low prices on their product. The general advice would be not to fall right away until you ask around your trusted mechanic, or read some reviews online. If you’re suspicious about the efficiency, go with the brand that has been on the market for a long time. However, price is not always the best measure for the quality, but many cleaner makers do offer guarantees on passing the emission test, which is kind of neat.

Further, keep your eyes open when it comes to safety. Children and pets are curious by nature, so keep it on high shelves in your garage or, better yet, locked away.

There are many cleaners available on the market nowadays since everyone is trying to be environmentally conscious, thus being part of the solution and not a problem. They range in prices and performances, so let’s see what are some of the best ones offered.

1. Cataclean 1200073

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Cataclean tops many charts when it comes to the best catalytic converter cleaner. The makers of this one actually patented the formula, so if you’re thinking of buying something similar to this product, think again. Many drivers swear that they passed the emission test thanks to this little miracle in the bottle. It gets rid of 50% of the carbon dioxide emissions. Its main purpose is to restore the energy of your catalytic converter. Besides, it also takes care of your injector, oxygen sensor and cylinder head work properly. You don’t need to be very handy, just follow the instructions on the bottle. Also, usually, it pays off to buy a pack of six and save a lot, since you’re going to need it anyway.

2. CRC “Guaranteed to pass”

The manufacturers of this product are so sure of its efficiency that they are willing to pay you double what you paid for if you don’t pass your emission test. Now, that’s a statement. However, you’re likely to lose the bet, since this cleaner is super powerful and, for some even more importantly, fast-working. This feature is what gets it at the top of the list for many drivers. The makers suggest using it every 3000 miles to maintain low carbon emissions and save your engine and fuel. It works with gas and ethanol, but not with diesel engines, so pay attention. This cleaner is priced a bit lower than its competitors and they offer a discount if you purchase their 12-pack instead of a single bottle.

3. Solder-It

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This one is not only a cleaner but also a deodorizer. It’s one of the customers’ favorite because it’s capable of getting rid of the nasty smells that come from the harmful gases. The instructions are easy to follow, just pour the bottle when you’re down to about the quarter of the tank and drive for at least 50 miles until the next fill up. This will clean your fuel system as well as the oxygen sensors. Needless to say, it’s highly toxic so keep it safely stored away from the kids and pets. It comes with a bit higher price, but the makers justify this with the unique deodorant feature and the simple use. The makers also don’t have any offers at the moment regarding the discounts for bigger purchases. Also, there are no guarantees that you’ll pass your emission test, but like with any cleaner out there, you should be just fine, no worries.

4. Oxicat

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World-famous German engineering obviously takes care of its products in the best possible way. This cleaner will remove all carbon build-up, soot, and dirt. There is special instruction written on the can that should be followed for the best results. It will restore the performance of your vehicle, clean out the oxygen sensors, and remove that annoying “check engine” light. It can be used for gas, diesel, and all hybrid cars. It is a bit more expensive than the other cleaners, but the quality of the liquid is unmatched. However, the makers don’t put any guarantees on it, besides the claims that it’s the best all-around cleaner available on the market.

5. Sledgehammer

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This one is for experienced drivers that like to figure out how stuff works in their car. If you’re handy with mechanics and can do more than open the bottle and pour it into the fuel tank this one is for you. The manufacturer claims that contains cleaner and rapid induction deposit which will take care of the carbon, soot, and dirt in the fuel and exhaust system. It takes a little know-how to add the liquid directly into the vacuum line, so if you don’t know what you’re reading right now, go to the professional mechanic.

As you figured out by now, catalytic converter cleaner can make a difference in your fuel consumption and release of the harmful carbon emissions. To keep your vehicle running, take proper and regular maintenance of it. When buying the cleaner read the specifications carefully, and if in doubt always ask the professional, or someone you trust when it comes to automotive upkeep. If you’re still not sure, try contacting the manufacturers or just take it to the mechanic shop. Whatever you decide, don’t skip on taking care of your fuel system.

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