3 Tips To Ensure That Your Display Attracts Public Attention  

For any store owner, having an impactful display is a must in order to get its message to the customers, whether you place it outside or inside the store. And for displays placed outside, the more attractive they are, the more it is likely to attract the customers into the store. Below, we look at three tips you can use to ensure that your display grabs people’s attention.

Use Attractive Graphics

This is basically the number one rule to creating an impactful display board – use high quality graphics. Many business owners shy away from spending some extra money on graphics thinking that their display only needs basic design work. That is a very wrong line of thought, which will only result in you using a display that is so bland that no one looks at it.

People are attracted to visuals. It’s a straightforward simple fact. If you place a block of text and an attractive graphics side by side, an average person will normally look at the graphics first, and then the text. As such, you must ensure that your signage has graphics that will make people stop for a moment and look at it. Plus, if any of the information in the text can be displayed as an infographic, then consider doing so.

Simple, Easy To Read Fonts

Keep the fonts easy to read. Don’t use fonts that are too decorative in nature since they can be stressful to read, especially when they are used in long sentences or paragraphs. And if you do want to use such decorative text, limit it to just the titles and headings. You should also ensure that the font is of an appropriate size so that they can be read from a distance. If possible, print the text on a piece of paper similar in size to the proposed display and check it to ensure that people can comfortably read the contents from the required distance.


The location of the display is vital. If the board is to be placed outside your store, then you must ensure that people walking by or driving past can easily see it, no matter which direction they are coming from. People’s view of your display must not be obstructed by other buildings and boards. And if you are using the display inside the store, place it in a spot that is guaranteed to get the required response.

In addition to the above, choose the board material wisely. Depending on where you wish to place it, and the color quality you are looking for, you may have to choose different boards for different conditions. For example, if you are having a tradeshow or just want a display for a temporary discount sale at your store, using foam board signs would be appropriate. But if you are looking to place the display outside, where it will interact with sunlight, rain, dust etc, you may have to look for other options.  If you are unsure which material will be suitable for your needs, consult the nearest display board printing service.

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