25 Most Brutal Bosses in Video Games

In the world of video video games, bosses aren’t the form of annoying authority figures that’ll provide you with a final minute report back to do or ask you to work late on a Friday. No, these bosses would fairly take that report, roll it up right into a ball, set hearth to it, and throw it at your face. 

The finish stage boss is sort of as outdated as video gaming itself, and lots of genres have some type of superior foes awaiting you on the finish of a stage, space, or mission. These bosses are sometimes giant, overpowered beasts that make the baddies you have confronted so far appear tame compared, they usually’re normally the achievement you may bear in mind most from a recreation, particularly in the event that they’re significantly powerful.

Over the years we have confronted innumerable boss fights, way over we might probably bear in mind, however the ones which have caught round are people who actually pushed us to the restrict and punished our errors. These are memorable, and particular gaming moments, and we’ll share our personal prime 25 difficult boss encounters.

Of course, given the sheer quantity of video games on the market, and the military of powerful bosses we might embrace, we’ll have to ascertain a easy floor rule. We’re solely together with one entry per recreation or collection. Otherwise, the entire checklist could be made up of Final Fantasy and Dark Souls bosses.

25. Tyrant (Cargo aircraft) – Resident Evil: Code Veronica (inc. X)

We’ll kick off the checklist with this encounter from the seminal survival horror collection, Resident Evil. Depending in your earlier actions, the Tyrant will not be as troublesome as different bosses, however this is the reason he is on this checklist.

The combat takes place within the maintain of a cargo aircraft, and the Tyrant himself cannot be killed within the common method. Instead, the one choice you could have is to break him, preserving him at bay and weakening him till you should use a change to ship the aircraft’s cargo flying into him, sending him flying into the nice blue yonder with no parachute.

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The downside right here is that he can take an actual beating, and regular weapons do not actually minimize it. For this combat you want highly effective ammo, just like the grenade launcher. Many gamers, particularly these enjoying by means of for the primary time, spend all of this ammo previous to the aircraft, and are left with little to take this beast on. Yes, you possibly can truly beat him with no weapons, repeatedly hitting him with the cargo till he falls, however this is not a tactic many find out about, and you must do that a number of instances whereas working away from him and maneuvring him into place earlier than you hit the change.

Many folks have been compelled to restart the entire recreation so as to return so far with sufficient ammo to outlive. An evil encounter for the ill-prepared.

24. Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

Without a doubt one of the memorable boss fights ever devised, this confrontation within the PS One basic, Metal Gear Solid, goes down in historical past as among the best ever, and probably the most spectacular use of a rumble characteristic we have ever seen, in addition to ingenious use of a reminiscence card.

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Psycho Mantis himself can also be a serious problem, no less than till you uncover his secret, which is to plug the controller into the second port to idiot his thoughts studying skills. Once you do that, he is straightforward. The factor is, again then, many did not even think about such a factor, why would you? And so, with out this data, Mantis was a beast, in a position to predict each transfer you made, avoiding virtually all harm. He’s nigh-on invulnerable till you occur to guess his weak point.

23. Ghost of Lady Comstock – BioShock Infinite

Like Psycho Mantis, Lady Comtock is not too troublesome when you determine what you are doing. The downside right here is the truth that this boss is so totally different from each different encounter within the recreation, and her weak point, which is to kill off all of her troopers and assault her whereas she requires reinforcements, is not very obvious. Figuring out this weak point is fairly tough if you’ve acquired a small military of undead troopers attempting to stay pointy issues into you in addition to peppering you with bullets.

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Even if you do work out her weak point, this ghost is troublesome to bust, and except you make full use of canopy and have loads of ammo (which is straightforward to expire of in BioShock Infinite), you may nonetheless have a tough time, particularly should you play on the upper problem ranges.

22. M. Bison – Street Fighter II

Traditionally, combating recreation bosses are virtually at all times ridiculously powerful. But again when Street Fighter II hit the scene, this wasn’t one thing we have been used to. We all bear in mind the primary time we met Mr Bison, earlier than he promptly Psycho Crushed us to demise.

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The evil despot is a hard-hitting and agile combatant, with some erratic, onerous to foretell strikes, and he may be very troublesome to beat. Add to this the good friend all of us have who continually spams the Psycho Crusher, flying from left to proper time and again, and you have a boss character that may be a nightmare to combat. Over the years his problem has waned, however once we first confronted him, Bison was a troublesome one.

21. Kai Leng (remaining encounter) – Mass Effect 3

As with Metal Gear Solid and BioShock Infinite, usually the hardest bosses are those who shake up the tempo and produce a completely totally different really feel to a recreation. This is definitely the case with Kai Leng, Mass Effect 3‘s ninja murderer.

This boss combat is fast-paced, one thing of a rarity for the Mass Effect collection, which regularly depends on cover-based taking pictures, and this ninja can hit onerous too. But he is additionally a bloody coward and assaults with assistance from numerous robotic troopers.

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Kai Leng’s highly effective and relentless assaults make this combat troublesome, as you could have little time to heal or reload, and your AI companions are normally solely a lot fodder and easily act as a minor diversion. What you want right here is an efficient goal and the flexibility to get the absolute best tactical use out of your allies and powers. Even then, this generally is a combat that takes many tries to beat, and that is simply on regular problem. 

20. Ultimate Evil – Splatterhouse II

Many older, 8- and 16-bit titles have been notoriously troublesome, not simply when it comes to bosses, however in general common problem (you may all absolutely have many opinions on powerful bosses kind this period). As video games have been shorter, and fewer complicated, the problem usually wanted to be increased so as to give folks good worth and a title longevity. However, generally this problem bordered on ridiculous.

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Splatterhouse II‘s remaining boss is an efficient instance of this.The Ultimate Evil is a floating blob of heads and tentacles, and it assaults by firing a variety of various heads at you because it flies from one facet of the display screen to the opposite. These heads may be onerous to keep away from, and what’s extra, the boss usually hides offscreen, so you possibly can’t even retaliate, or see the place assaults will come from. Once bested, it then turns right into a fast paced flying cranium that’s onerous to keep away from, and more durable to hit. You’ll want some luck to beat this one.

19. Yellow Devil – Mega Man

Series followers will little doubt have their very own entry for Capcom’s long-running Mega Man collection, however right here we’ve the unique recreation’s Yellow Devil, a boss that challenges your leaping and avoidance skills, in addition to excellent timing abilities.

His assaults are easy. He fires at you with a projectile, after which splits into blobs and flies in the direction of the other facet of the display screen. Each blob must be averted, and as soon as he is fashioned, the cycle begins anew, providing you with time for just one or two pictures.

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The problem right here is all in regards to the timing and ideal leaping required to keep away from his physique elements. In later variations, equivalent to Mega Man 3, this is not as troublesome, as solely the bottommost layer can contact you more often than not. Here, the underside two layers can hit you, and because the blobs fly in such fast succession, usually whereas leaping to keep away from a decrease blob, you may be hit by one other. It’s a really tough boss in a recreation collection recognized for placing you up in opposition to powerful opponents.

18. Sinistar – Sinistar

Sometimes problem is not nearly precise talent and techniques, it may be heightened by entering into your head, and that is simply what the evil Sinistar does. As you blast away at foes in a stage, you may be joyful sufficient going about what you are promoting, and you then’ll hear it – “Beware, I live!”

These phrases, in addition to a set of different intimidating phrases blast out of the audio system at you, asserting the arrival of Sinistar, the sport’s perpetual finish of stage boss. At this level, you are already fearful, not realizing the place he’ll come from, or when he’ll strike, so when he does, panic units in and the battle is on. He’s a troublesome nut to crack too, chasing you relentlessly when you attempt to combat again, keep away from assaults, and dodge asteroids. Very imply and really tough.

17. Technodrome – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

A great deal of the unique NES TMNT title is troublesome, such because the notorious underwater part, however the battle in opposition to the Technodrome is especially powerful. This is for 2 causes. The precise combat is difficult as nails, with the Technodrome firing projectiles, spewing a barrier of lightning, and sending Foot Clan ninjas into the fray, however earlier than you possibly can even combat the boss, you must discover it, because it’s hidden in a cave filled with harmful foes. It’s very straightforward to lose turtles throughout this search, which means that you’re going to usually face the boss with just one or two lives. There’s simply not sufficient pizza.

16. Wyvern (Second encounter) – Vagrant Story

Some might say this combat is not that powerful, however others would agree it is a huge problem spike. Vagrant Story is at all times difficult, however the second encounter with a Wyvern (not the injured, tutorial one) is a kind of boss battles that basically slaps you within the face. Up till this level, the bosses have been tough however normally beatable with out an excessive amount of hassle, they usually did not require a lot mastery of the sport’s crafting system.

This Wyvern, then again, is a beast. Unless you have ready forward of time with the appropriate weapon affinity, leveling, and abilities, this combat is each powerful, and lengthy. Your assaults do little and its assaults can devastate you in seconds.

It’s a basic grinding boss, and to greatest it it’s good to stage up, construct your dragon affinity and nail these chain combo timings and dodges. Only then will you be capable to slay this beast.

15. Flemeth – Dragon Age: Origins

Often in video games, particularly RPGs, you may encounter some bosses which are completely non-compulsory, and these are sometimes a few of the strongest creatures you may encounter. Dragon Age: Origins isn’t any totally different, and Morrigan’s mom, Flemeth, might be a boss encounter you may want you’d by no means began.

Although she’s a frail-looking outdated lady, she’s additionally a form shifter and may flip into an incredible huge, death-dealing dragon, one that may toast you to a crisp very quickly. She’s acquired a ton of well being, hits like a truck, has hearth breath, can fly, and her assaults will usually trigger knockbacks. Basically, she’s a monster, and even in a recreation with as many powerful bosses as Dragon Age, she stands out.

14. Shao Khan – Mortal Kombat II

Like M. Bison, Shao Khan was one of many earliest fighter bosses that really upped the ante when it comes to problem. However, not like M. Bison, who’s a well-balanced boss on the entire, Khan is as unpredictable as they arrive. He’s sturdy, can block like a professional, and is not afraid to taunt you mid-battle. The main downside right here, although, is his low-cost as chips cost assault, which he usually spams mercilessly, negating any actual combat, and turning battles into even cheaper, particular transfer spam fests.

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Often the very best tactic to beat him is to hit him time and again with a straightforward, however highly effective particular, equivalent to Raiden’s torpedo assault, which requires little talent and extra luck. His taunts present a gap, however he’ll most of the time retaliate rapidly.

His problem has remained in most of his following appearances, with the 2011 reboot of Mortal Kombat boasting one in all his most troublesome, if not borderline damaged, outings.

13. Spider Guardian – Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GameCube model)

Spider Guardian is taken into account by many to be the toughest boss in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and we would argue that it is the hardest within the collection in some ways. We’d fairly face a number of Metroid Primes and Ridleys in a row than face this.

The Spider Guardian combat takes place totally in a Spider Ball maze, and the guardian is supplied with the Spider Ball skill, which means it will possibly run alongside the spider tracks, thus navigating the course simply. Samus hasn’t acquired this energy (she will get it from this boss) and so must rigorously use bomb jumps to get round. At the identical time, it’s good to keep away from the Spider Guardian’s aura hits, and place bombs so as to time the blasts to hit the enemy. It’s a posh, finicky and downright powerful course of.

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The confrontation was watered down for the Wii re-release, and was made far simpler, so if you’d like the true expertise, do this combat within the authentic GameCube model.

12. Dracula – Castlevania III

Just because the Technorome in TMNT is made all of the harder by the previous stage, so too is Dracula in Castlevania III on the NES. As a boss, Dracula is definitely tough, and takes on three kinds, all of which have their very own life bar and diversified assaults. With observe, he is very beatable, however that is the place the issue is available in.

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In order to truly combat Dracula, and to work in opposition to his strikes, you first must get by means of one of the troublesome ranges in the entire collection. If you die in the course of the boss combat, it is again to the beginning of the extent. This makes for a protracted, arduous, and hard boss combat that is onerous on the thoughts in addition to the fingers.

11. C’Thun – World of Warcraft (pre-patch)

World of Warcraft has loads of troublesome bosses, however there’s one which any veteran WoW participant will at all times place on the prime of any checklist, and that is C’Thun (earlier than he was patched).

Prior to the patch, C’Thun was notorious for being nigh-on immortal. This boss stomped on even probably the most skilled and excessive stage warriors, and full guilds didn’t take him down. The problem was merely off the charts, which result in the patch that nerfed this harmful beast right into a extra manageable kind.

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When a boss cannot even be overwhelmed by the mixed may of a complete guild of excessive stage gamers, you are up in opposition to one hell of a strong creature

10. The Ender Dragon – Minecraft

Minecraft is not the form of recreation normally related to controller-throwing problem because it normally has a much more sedate tempo to it. The Ender Dragon, although, is a boss that needs to be revered.

This monstrosity can deal out harm very quickly in any respect. The dragon can also be very onerous to hit except it is proper up in your face, and it is surrounded by magic crystals that continually regenerate its well being. Oh, and it is acquired a military of Endermen wandering round too, on a floating land that is straightforward to fall off. Nice.

A giant a part of the Dragon’s inclusion right here, although, is the sheer quantity of painstaking preparation that has to enter this combat, which may all be misplaced in a cut up second, not simply as a result of dragon assault, but in addition a deadly and unintended look at one of many military of Endermen populating the world (though a pumpkin might help right here).

Before you even consider taking up the Ender Dragon, it’s good to collect sources to craft good weapons, armosr, enchantments, potions, arrows, and extra, and this takes numerous time. One incorrect transfer, and these provides are misplaced, probably which means you have to do a complete lot extra preparation.

9. Ultimate Alma – Ninja Gaiden Sigma

The Ninja Gaiden reboot is named being one of the troublesome video games round, definitely within the hack-and-slash style. Each and each combat on this recreation may be recreation over gasoline, and the boss fights may be torturous. Alma could be the worst of all these bosses.

The sheer quantity of dexterity and ideal dodging it’s good to triumph on this boss combat is insane, and one slip up with an ill-timed dodge can imply the tip of you.

Her vary of assaults embrace vitality beams, dives, homing missiles, throwing stone pillars at you, and summoning assist from speedy demons. She takes numerous harm too, making this combat a protracted and really exhausting one.

8. Senator Armstrong – Metal Gear Rising: Revengence

Alright, so that is technically a Metal Gear recreation, which we have already lined, but it surely’s not within the Solid collection, and it is a completely totally different style too, so we’ll embrace this subsequent boss, as he definitely warrants a point out.

After a boss battle in opposition to an unlimited strolling battle tank within the final stage, you’d suppose your job could be achieved. Wrong. Even much less anticipated is that incontrovertible fact that the ultimate boss is a politician and one of many hardest fights you may ever have interaction in, particularly on more durable difficulties.

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Senator Armstrong definitely does take a hardline stance, and his combination of onerous hits and wrestling slams, sprinkled with some vicious AoE assaults and the flexibility to throw large chunks of rock and particles at you create a murderously onerous confrontation. He’s a brute, and that is one other combat the place a single mistake may be your final.

This is made all of the harder as the sport’s bosses up so far have been nowhere close to as difficult, even the tough combat in opposition to Sam. So, getting into this combat, you suppose you are prepared for something, however because it seems, you are in all probability not and it is best to get able to have your bottom handed to you.

7. Last Boss/Spiritual Larsa – Mushihimesama Futari Black Label

This confrontation defines the time period bullet hell shooter. So insane is the sheer quantity of projectiles spewed out by this three-stage boss. Although you could suppose that this ought to be primary, particularly after you take a look at the myriad YouTube movies of the combat, this battle, though ridiculously powerful, is all about one factor: dodging. You do not actually must goal or do something particular, simply maintain down hearth and focus on dodging the waves of bullets.

These waves are normally sluggish, if densely packed, and with some trial and error, the assault patterns may be memorized. Still, even with this data and a gradual hand, besting this boss will assure you a spot within the gaming elite, and that is arguably probably the most troublesome shooter problem you’ll find.

6. Vortex Queen – Ecco The Dolphin

Ecco the Dolphin on the Sega Genesis was a troublesome journey. The distinctive controls needed to be mastered completely so as to resolve a few of the recreation’s harder puzzles and survive the more durable ranges, all of the whereas preserving your eye in your air meter. Nerve-racking stuff.

All that got here earlier than was a cakewalk, although, in comparison with the tip recreation boss. This terrifying, screen-sized alien queen’s floating head wasn’t solely unnerving to take a look at, however she fired projectiles, summoned Vortex troopers, and took a complete lot of harm. The kicker? If she managed to suck you into her mouth, you’d have to begin from the start of the earlier stage, “Welcome to the Machine,” which was additionally very troublesome. Many screams of rage might be heard from Sega followers attempting to beat this boss. A nightmare, each visually and when it comes to problem.

5. Sephiroth – Kingdom Hearts II

His look in Final Fantasy VII was very powerful (which we’ll come to afterward), however Kingdom Hearts II additionally options Square’s widespread antagonist, and boy is he troublesome. Many KHII gamers have by no means managed to beat this incarnation of Sephiroth, as he is highly effective, quick, can take a beating, and has a variety of strikes that may be virtually not possible to defend in opposition to. Only with excellent timing, combo assaults, prompted dodging, and a excessive sufficient stage Sora are you able to hope to have an opportunity in opposition to him. If you even take into consideration therapeutic on the incorrect time, he’ll punish you brutally. Well, he’s Sephiroth, it is form of his MO.

4. Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

Numerous video games are all about reflexes and timing, however Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! on the NES is probably the very best instance of this. Despite being a reasonably easy boxing recreation, the ultimate combat in opposition to Tyson himself is notoriously troublesome.

Beating Iron Mike requires absolute excellent timing and committing Mike’s strikes and combos to reminiscence so what tells to search for and when the appropriate time to assault and use star energy specials. This might sound easy, and watching the sport being performed, you could surprise what all of the fuss is about as it is so deceptively easy. Pick up the pad, although, and take a look at taking up Mike your self (which you’ll be able to with the move code 007 373 5963) and you will see precisely what its all about, as Mike crops you face down time and time once more.

3. Ultimecia – Final Fantasy VIII

Seriously, we might fill a number of lists with the powerful bosses of the Final Fantasy collection. It was very troublesome to select only one. No doubt many would checklist Final Fantasy VII‘s bout with Sephiroth, or non-compulsory fights in opposition to Emerald and Ruby Weapons, and certainly, these have been very powerful, however for us, VIII‘s remaining boss, Ultimecia, takes the cake.

Ultimecia is an ideal instance of Square’s obsession with endless, multiple-stage boss fights. She has not one, not two, however 4 kinds, all of which may simply finish your combat, and every takes an age to beat. This means you have acquired a boss combat that may final a ridiculous period of time, and he or she’s acquired myriad methods she will be able to rapidly eject your occasion members. The longer the combat, the extra seemingly you’re to mess up.

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Did you ignore some characters whereas enjoying by means of the story, leaving them weaker than others? Well, you may pay for it now, as Ultimecia can exploit any and all weaknesses, and you will endure for each gap in your protection. Even a completely leveled workforce may be unceremoniously smashed. She’s that troublesome.

2. General Raam – Gears of War

Gears of War has some very difficult conditions and a few powerful boss fights unfold all through the collection, however the first recreation’s remaining boss, the evil General Raam, simply takes our second spot. He’s right here primarily for his insane problem stage encounter, however he a difficult boss on any problem, relying in your talent. Well, possibly not on straightforward… And we’re not together with any glitching techniques right here, that is simply not cricket.

Raam carries a strong mini gun, is roofed in a defend of lethal Kryll, which he can ship to assault you, and he is additionally flanked by Reavers. The poor ally AI, Dom, would not assist a lot, leaving this combat to you, and what a combat it’s.

As Raam can kill you with a single shot, or just a few fast blasts in lower than a second, this combat is all about cowl, well-timed pictures, and punctiliously timed dashes for brand spanking new cowl when he comes too shut. It’s really brutal in problem on insane, and finishing this solo requires immense talent. If doubtful, get a good friend to assist, it makes issues a lot simpler.

1. Ornstein and Smough – Dark Souls

We stated we might fill a number of lists with Final Fantasy bosses, and the identical applies to FromSoftware’s Souls collection. This recreation collection is all about excessive fantasy, atmospheric adventuring, and hard challenges, particularly when it comes to bosses.

It was very onerous to select a single entry, and it was a really shut name. We virtually went with the epic and tremendously troublesome battle in opposition to Knight Artorias in Dark Souls‘ DLC, however in the long run, we needed to choose the notorious battle with Ornstein and Smough. At least Artorias takes you on in a one-on-one combat.

Earlier bosses within the recreation just like the Bell Gargoyles might workforce as much as combat you, however no less than the start of the combat is one-on-one, providing you with an opportunity to even the percentages a bit of. Not so with Ornstein and Smough, the notoriously brutal duo of Dark Souls. This boss combat charges as one of the troublesome ever crafted in Dark Souls or some other recreation for that matter, and it will possibly scale back folks to gibbering, rage-spewing wrecks.

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The tandem assault of the fast and agile Ornstien and the sluggish however highly effective Smough makes for a very daunting proposition, one which has introduced many a Dark Souls participant to their knees time and again. Although you possibly can assault each, carrying down their well being, on one of many duo’s deaths, the remaining member of the tag workforce will get full well being again and turns right into a super-powered kind, much more of a risk than earlier than. So, if you suppose you have acquired an edge, it is pulled from beneath you, because the remaining enemy turns into even stronger, in a position to crush you in a single or two hits.

This combat is unhealthy sufficient on a NG playthrough, however on NG+ and above, this problem escalates by means of the roof. You genuinely really feel a way of worry earlier than you must face these guys, and if you’d like each armor units and weapons, you may have to take action greater than as soon as, as you solely get the soul of the final one to fall. Prepare to die, certainly.

This characteristic initially appeared in April 2014.

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