25 Most Beautiful Wedding Photos

Published on December third, 2020

A panel of knowledgeable judges from Fearless Photographers, have chosen 48 of probably the most stunning marriage ceremony pictures taken within the final decade.

Fearless Photographers, a digital platform that connects engaged {couples} with marriage ceremony photographers world wide. It acknowledge a brand new group of images each two months.

Here are the 25 most stunning marriage ceremony pictures from world wide taken within the final 10 years decade as judged by the Fearless Photographers.

1. Emotional moments


2. Walking down the aisle.

Some couples got silly as they walked down the aisle.


3. Brides and their assist programs

Photographers captured moments of joy between brides and their support systems.


4. Messing up their apparel for the proper shot

Some couples weren't afraid to mess up their attire for the perfect shot.


5. Evoking emotion with out Showing Their Faces

Photographers didn't even have to show couples' faces to evoke emotion in their pictures.


6. Beautiful settings

Beautiful settings helped to create some of the stunning photos.


7. Close-up pictures to showcase {couples}’ feelings

Photographers used close-up shots to showcase couples' emotions.


8. Everyday life and marriage ceremony actions

Photographers combined everyday life with wedding activities to create some of the most unique photos.


9. Blurred pictures

Blurred shots with one portion of the frame in focus were popular throughout the decade.


10. Playful with one another in entrance of the digital camera.

Couples were playful with each other in front of the camera.


11. Vibrant colours



12. Being a mom.

Family played a big part in many of the weddings that were photographed.


13. Unexpected occasions

Unexpected events created a lot of memorable photos.


14. Candid moments

The photographers captured a plethora of candid moments.


15. Creative angles

The photographers weren't afraid to use creative angles.


16. Getting a bit assist from their pals

Many brides got a little help from their friends as they posed for photos.


17. Pictures shot from a distance

Pictures shot from a distance were some of the most captivating.


18. Magical marriage ceremonyA lot of the weddings looked magical through the lens of the camera.


19. Many {couples} celebrated with custom in thoughts.

Many couples celebrated with tradition in mind.


19. How exhausting weddings could be

The photographers captured how exhausting weddings can be.


20. Emotion

Emotion was a common theme in many of the pictures.


21. Lighting made fairly pictures much more poignant.

Lighting made pretty photos even more poignant.


22. The intimacy The photographers captured the intimacy couples share.


23. Dancing  the evening away

Couples danced the night away at their receptions.


24. Stunning pictures

Silhouetted portraits made for some of the most stunning images of the decade.


25. Reflections made stunning pictures much more gorgeous

Reflections made beautiful photos even more stunning.

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