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Like Sega’s unfortunate Dreamcast, the Nintendo GameCube might have fallen short readily, however today it’s kept in prestige by players, and also most of its titles have a cult complying with. The GameCube’s tradition isn’t simply restricted to retro, cult allure, however, and also several video games on the system have actually made it through and also have actually been advanced later Nintendo systems. It additionally played host to some individuals’s all-time preferred access in long-running Nintendo collection, with its manifestations of some legendary Nintendo franchise business defeating those on the extra effective systems from the Japanese titan.

We’re huge followers of the GameCube below at Den of Geek, so we’re mosting likely to have a look at our top 25 titles to poise the GameCube’s small discs. We can not select every one of the system’s ideal video games, certainly, so do not hesitate to contribute in the remarks area with your very own individual faves….

25. Animal Crossing

It might not be taken into consideration an actual video game by several (it definitely is by us), however there’s no rejecting Animal Crossing‘s appeal, and also although you invest a lot of your time doing relatively ordinary jobs with cutesy pets, there’s simply something so attractive and also addicting regarding it.

About as demanding as a barbecue on a warm day, there’s no threat of temper or irritability below, and also merely playing the video game for some time can reduce those day-to-day difficulties, all the while you’re constructing your little anime life, and also there are couple of video games preferable for young children. Charming, to state the least.

Best GameCube Games - Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

24. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and also the Lost Ocean

The GameCube had not been specifically well-endowed with RPGs, and also although neglected by several, this is just one of the very best on the system. Developed by MonolithSoft, of Xeno collection popularity, it was a unique RPG that included a fascinating card-based fight system and also placed gamers in the duty of a guardian of the lead character instead of the hero himself. There was additionally a really intriguing cam feature that allowed gamers take photos of adversaries. These pictures might after that be marketed to increase cash.

Now taken into consideration something of a cult standard, Baten Kaitos is an extensively various RPG that’s well worth your time if you’re a JRPG follower, however wish to attempt something that does not adhere to the very same rigorous layout as several comparable titles in the category.

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Best GameCube Games - Viewtiful Joe

23. Viewtiful Joe

Capcom might such as to play it secure the majority of the moment, sticking to attempted and also checked franchise business like Resident Evil and also Street Fighter, however sometimes it functions beyond the envelope to supply some wonderful, brand-new titles, and also Viewtiful Joe is an archetype.

Developed by Clover Studios, which would certainly take place to produce standards like Okami and also God Hand, Viewtiful Joe was a side-scrolling scrapper that presented fast-forward, slo-mo, and also zoom auto mechanics together with lively, cel-shaded visuals.

It was an elegant and also outstanding competitor with system aspects that played virtually along with it looked, and also the mix of Joe’s VFX powers and also tough fight on a 2D airplane created a striking, stick out launch for the GameCube.

Best GameCube Games - Battalion Wars

22. Battalion Wars

Battalion Wars combined charming personalities and also tactical fight to produce a combination of real-time technique and also third-person capturing, developing the gameplay seen in Advance Wars on portable. Players might regulate solitary or teams of systems, and also advise the AI with fundamental commands. These systems included soldiers and also different lorries, and also the tactical fight, although plainly targeted at a more youthful target market, was remarkably deep.

The video game really did not stint selection, and also you had complete control of all kinds, consisting of airplane, and also the control system, whilst maybe a little confusing sometimes, managed points well, constantly maintaining that critical enjoyable element. What’s extra, the sensation of accomplishment that originated from an effective maneuver, and also utilizing your very own strategies to win a fight made it even more fulfilling.

Best GameCube Games - Ikaruga

21. Ikaruga

Treasure’s polarity-shifting shooter is located in several listings, and also forever factor – it’s a fantastic, traditional shooter that brought a unique spin to the generally basic formula. It utilized a straightforward however efficient black and also white polarity system that permitted gamers to switch over from one to the various other at will. Enemies additionally used this shade system for projectiles, and also if you changed to the equivalent shade of adversary bullets, you might absorb them, able to terminate off effective homing blasts when billed up. Your projectiles additionally altered shade, doing even more damages to the adversary if the contrary polarity was utilized.

Alongside this one-of-a-kind system the video game birthed the requirement “bullet hell” design shooter play and also included some outstanding employer fights to produce a vintage standard, and also among the finest shooters ever before created.

Best GameCube Games - Luigi's Mansion

20. Luigi’s Mansion

As a GameCube launch title, Luigi’s Mansion was a little a shock. When individuals desired Mario, they obtained his bro rather. Not just this, however the video game avoided the typical platformer category, rather selecting a Ghostbusters-design, anime survival scary.

Luigi goes searching for Mario, that’s gone missing out on in an unusual manor, and also discovers it haunted by ghosts. Using his ghost-catching vacuum cleaner, Luigi needs to wander the manor, searching for and also capturing the different ghosts, revealing the destiny of his brother or sister.

Although the video game had not been originally taken into consideration by several to be an excellent title, it’s one that’s aged well, and also the one-of-a-kind and also various design of bet a Mario Bros. title makes it stick out. Add to that some outstanding discussion and also Nintendo appeal, and also you have a fantastic plot that demonstrates how well Nintendo can infuse brand-new life right into its long-running franchise business.

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Best GameCube Games - TimeSplitters 2

19. TimeSplitters 2

Viewed by several as the swansong of the skilled designers of GoldenEye 007, TimeSplitters 2 had not been a GameCube special, however it was, undeniably, among the very best FPS titles on the system, or any kind of various other style for that issue, and also the greatest access in the collection.

Heavily multiplayer-focused, however with a unique, and also great project setting that exuded design and also difficulty, this is a genuine trip de pressure of video game layout. Even besides these years, TS2 is just one of one of the most fluid and also addicting FPS titles ever before made, and also when it involves split-screen neighborhood multiplayer, this is just one of the finest instances you can locate.

Best GameCube Games - Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition

18. Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition

Not to be perplexed with the Wind Waker pre-order reward disc, this was just formally readily available within an unique GameCube package (and also unique enrollment deals). This might not in fact be a GameCube title in itself, however no matter, it is among the very best discs you can locate on the system. To do this, you’ll require to trawl used shops and also websites like ebay.com, however it’s well worth it.

The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition is an unique collection disc that consists of a number of earlier Zelda titles, all usable on the GameCube. The titles consist of the initial Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time (with the remixed, Master dungeons choice), Majora’s Mask, a Zelda retrospective, and also a 20-minute trial of Wind Waker. It must be kept in mind that the pre-order disc for Wind Waker just included Ocarina of Time.

With 4 Zelda video games, consisting of the epic Ocarina of Time, on a solitary disc, this is a needs to for any kind of Zelda follower.

Best GameCube Games - Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

17. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

Another Nintendo heavy-hitter, Donkey Kong has actually starred in several titles, and also this is probably among one of the most initial. On the surface area, it’s a criterion DK platformer, however this altered when you think about the major control approach – a set of bongo drums.

Using these drums, you regulated DK by striking left, right and also both to leap. Tapping the sides created DK to slap. You might additionally make use of a typical GameCube pad, however the drums were without a doubt one of the most enjoyable.

Heavily score-based, it was a various take on the typical DK title, and also with the bongo drum controls it was a GameCube standard that can be fairly tough to acquire currently, so if you obtain possibility, go all out.

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Best GameCube Games - Killer7

16. Killer7

A video game that appears to appear in several of our listings. Suda 51’s fashionable standard was readily available on the PlayStation 2, however it was the GameCube where the team of insane assassins started, and also it’s this variation that transcends, with far better visuals and also no decrease (which tormented the PS2 variation).

On-rails gameplay was combined with shooting gallery activity and also a deep, unusual and also multi-layered tale to produce a genuinely extraordinary journey, the actual solution to which are still disputed by followers today. Suda 51 has actually made even more bonkers titles given that, such as No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned, and also Lollipop Chainsaw, however Killer7 is still the very best of his steady.

Best GameCube Games - Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

15. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

One of the very best launch titles for the GameCube, Rogue Leader was a fantastic room fight title that was topped several degrees, seeing the gamer placed in the footwear of Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and also also Darth Vader.

Various objective kinds were applied, consisting of companion goals, search and also damage, and also outright dogfights, and also there was a choice of craft to fly, consisting of the legendary X-Wing, Y-Wing, Snow Speeder, Millennium Falcon, and also Vader’s CONNECTION competitor.

It was a very early display for the power of the GameCube, and also this aesthetic panache, strong gameplay, and also the Star Wars name made it an instantaneous hit, and also a system vendor.

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Best GameCube Games - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

14. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Mario has actually messed around with RPGs a couple of times, and also this GameCube trip is just one of the very best in our viewpoint. Set in a level, 2D paper globe, The Thousand Year Door has a really various feeling to it than the majority of Mario video games, and also the turn-based fight, while extremely comparable to several JRPGs, is intriguing, and also interesting, with timed switch press capacities contributing to the difficulty. Add in the fight target market that responds to the activity, the badge-based capacity system, and also the paper-folding powers, and also you have actually obtained a timeless instance of Mario’s versatility over and also past basic platforming.

Mario checks out a series of areas and also meets different ally personalities. There are tricks sufficient and also some tough employer battles, several of which really up the trouble contour, extra so than you might anticipate from such a friendly-looking RPG.

Best GameCube Games - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

13. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

It might have been a port of a currently existing video game, one that made one of its competitors, the Sony PlayStation, a significant risk, however this upgrade of the initial Metal Gear Solid was a fantastic GameCube launch nevertheless.

It repackaged the initial video game with upgraded visuals and also far better cut scenes, as well as additionally presented several of the aspects from the PS2 follow up, Sons of Liberty. In reality, this was the MGS2 engine operating MGS on GameCube, and also it functioned.

All elements of the video game were tightened up, such as Enemy AI and also controls, and also although the core video game and also the locations were specifically the like the initial, Twin Snakes seemed like a really various experience many thanks to the brand-new video game engine.

Best GameCube Games - Super Mario Sunshine

12. Super Mario Sunshine

Oddly, the GameCube was a Nintendo system that really did not have a standard Mario video game, in any way. Instead, the closest the system pertained to a criterion Mario video game was Super Mario Sunshine. This was a 3D Mario that saw the plumbing effort to tidy up the Delfino vacation hotel after it was struck by a dark doppelgänger, leaving Mario to take the blame.

To tidy up the island, Mario utilized his backpack-mounted FLUDD system (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device), which might spray water to tidy up scum, as well as additionally permitted Mario to float airborne.

The video game was extremely evocative Super Mario 64, however the enhancement of the FLUDD system and also the clean-up gameplay included a unique spin to the collection, one that dropped effectively with doubters. It included the typical impressive layout for which Nintendo is unrivaled, and also is just one of the very best Mario video games around.

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Best GameCube Games - Beyond Good and Evil

11. Beyond Good and also Evil

Like Killer7, this is a video game that winds up on a great deal of listings, partially because of its multi-platform nature, however primarily as it’s simply great, and also a video game that everybody ought to attempt. The GameCube participated the activity together with the PS2 and also Xbox, and also although there had not been anything specifically one-of-a-kind regarding this variation, it was still equally the traditional video game it got on various other systems, and also among the very best video games on the GameCube.

It’s a testimony to the video game that it might in fact measure up to, and also also much better the world-beating video game layout typically just shown by Nintendo itself, however it did, and also completion outcome was a wonderful third-person journey and also one that exuded both personality and also playability.

Best GameCube Games - Pikmin 2

10. Pikmin 2

The initial Pikmin was an excellent title, however Nintendo increased and also surpassed the very first video game with this straight follow up. Featuring the very same real-time critical play, Pikmin 2 included brand-new sorts of Pikmin and also the capacity to regulate greater than one team of pests each time, opening brand-new gameplay opportunities.

Using the titular Pikmin, gamers needs to regulate crowds of the charming pests to locate and also obtain things, and also to beat enemies. Pikmin might additionally be utilized to construct frameworks, and also the capacity to different teams of Pikmin permitted advanced strategies and also confusing aspects.

Single and also multiplayer settings were consisted of in the video game, and also it additionally crammed in some wonderful co-op play. A precise GameCube standard, and also one that surpassed the currently wonderful initial in virtually every method.

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Best GameCube Games - Resident Evil

9. Resident Evil

The GameCube remake of Resident Evil, the video game that propelled the survival scary category right into the spotlight, was spectacular at the time. Although the video game still utilized pre-rendered visuals for the atmospheres, the high quality and also focus to information of these, with refined computer animations boosting the aesthetic design, created without a doubt the very best variation of the initial Capcom scary.

Everything from the initial video game was revamped and also recreated, consisting of visuals, sound, and also cutscenes. The manor itself was renovated, with different distinctions to maintain veteran followers on their toes, and also brand-new adversaries and also entire areas of the manor premises were included, consisting of those distressing crimson zombies and also the disturbing Lisa Trevor.

Whilst most remakes enjoy to merely high end the visuals, or include a number of added functions, this reworking of Resident Evil was a master-class in exactly how to revive an old standard, and also designers ought to review this and also bear in mind when servicing the apparently countless variety of HD re-releases we see today.

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Best GameCube Games - Mario Kart Double Dash

8. Mario Kart Double Dash

The Mario Kart collection has actually been a large vendor and also big success since its creation on the Super Nintendo, and also the GameCube trip, Double Dash, was no exemption. Gaining important praise and also marketing well, the video game proceeded the addicting kart competing formula, including a brand-new twin personality system for the karts. One personality was the motorist, whilst the various other tossed tools, and also they might change at any moment. This had not been such a huge point for single-player, however multiplayer made it a unique and also intriguing attribute, as both gamers might co-operate on the very same kart.

The video game used the power of the GameCube, providing the very best looking Mario Kart to that factor, and also the limited track styles and also the mix of power-ups, paired with the very best auto racing multiplayer around made it a timeless, otherwise one of the most cutting edge action Nintendo has actually ever before taken with a significant collection.

Best GameCube Games - F-Zero GX

7. F-Zero GX

F-Zero was just one of the indisputable standards of the Super Nintendo age, despite having the magnificent Mario Kart additionally on the scene. Its go back to the GameCube was just as crucial, as it was in charge of among the hardest, and also fastest auto racing titles you’re ever before most likely to play, which’s if you can locate it. It’s uncommon.

It discovers itself below over Double Dash in the listing as, unlike the GC Mario Kart, F-Zero GX was a significant separation from its previous manifestation, and also entirely changed-up the video game, including all kind of insane track setups, a multitude of lorries and also power-ups, and also some wonderful multiplayer auto racing, the similarity which we have actually yet to see anywhere else, despite having Sony’s Wipeout coming close (which, certainly, GX takes lots of ideas from).

Tracks were full of loopholes, spins and also various other, roller coaster-esque styles, and also the title additionally had a tale setting, along with different video game settings, such as grand prix, fight, and also a modification toolset.

The high trouble placed several gamers off the video game, however, for those searching for an actual auto racing difficulty on the GameCube, look no more.

Best GameCube Games - Skies of Arcadia Legends

6. Skies of Arcadia Legends

Sega’s Skies of Arcadia is just one of the very best JRPGs about, and also some would certainly state it’s also far better than the similarity Final Fantasy, it’s that excellent.

It began on the Sega Dreamcast however was later on ported to the GameCube in the type of Legends. This variation preserved whatever from the initial and also included added material and also modified the gameplay. This brand-new material consisted of extra explorations, a number of brand-new stories, consisting of optional (and also challenging) fights with a women pirate seeker, and also the brand-new needed system. This presented a checklist of progressively challenging employer fights with needed pirates, fights that were even more tough than any kind of generally tale.

The mix of on-foot expedition, turn-based fights, and also impressive ship-to-ship conflicts made Skies of Arcadia a fantastic RPG, and also the GameCube obtained the very best variation, also if the sound was butchered by compression so the video game might fit onto a solitary GC disc.

Best GameCube Games - Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

5. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

A business failing on launch, Eternal Darkness is just one of one of the most initial survival scary titles about, and also a real underrated treasure of a video game.

The tale focuses on Alexandra Roivas, that, after locating an unusual publication, is propelled right into a horrible resist all kind of superordinary pressures. This battle covers different amount of time, and also the gamer takes control of several personalities in each of these.

The stick out attribute of the video game was the peace of mind system, which used a series of strategies to terrify the gamer. As peace of mind went down, different results were utilized, such as cam distortions, audio hits, and also visual problems. Many results also misleaded the gamer by damaging the 4th wall surface, such as blue display mistake messages and also risks of save video game corruption. It was various and also great.

Above and also yet, the several personalities and also an ever-shifting temporal tale extending centuries produced a completely taking in tackle the category, one that’s merely never ever been copied.

Best GameCube Games - Super Smash Bros. Melee

4. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. collection has actually turned into one of its significant collection, not shocking actually, as it integrates every one of its collection right into one, busy combating mash-up.

Picking among a collection of Nintendo stalwarts, such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus and also Link, gamers taken part in frenzied 2D fights on perilous systems embellished with power-ups and also risks. The objective was to harm your challenger sufficient to ensure that you deteriorate their resistance to being shattered out of the field’s borders. It was a basic property, however one that was, and also in later variations still is, fiendishly addicting.

The video game was wonderful solo, however it actually entered into its very own in multiplayer, where it might damage relationships, and also create abundant geek craze. Simple regulates hid the deep and also complicated fight, and also couple of Nintendo video games advertise such warmed competition.

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Best GameCube Games - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

While Ocarina of Time and also A Link to the Past typically obtain the majority of the focus, the GameCube’s Wind Waker is just one of the very best trips of the Zelda collection, and also definitely among one of the most initial and also enthusiastic.

The brand-new, anime appearance and also the ocean-navigating play enveloped all that made the collection wonderful, however the island-laden globe and also cruising auto mechanics created among one of the most unforgettable in the Zelda timeline. This formula additionally made rooting out the video game’s several tricks and also concealed locations a lot more fulfilling, and also cruising the seas commonly cause explorations of awesome little diversions and also circumstances.

You might be asking yourself why Twilight Princess isn’t below rather, and even on the listing. TP is a fantastic Zelda, to ensure, however as it’s virtually a port, and also little bit extra, it’s the system’s very own Wind Waker that takes this room.

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Best GameCube Games - Resident Evil 4

2. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil is a collection that’s been flagging of late, and also also significant followers of the survival scary confess that its seen far better days, possibly no far better than its 4th significant trip on the GameCube. Resident Evil 4 was, and also still is taken into consideration by the majority of to be the very best in the collection, and also it stood for a substantial transition in the entire category.

Starring Leon S. Kennedy, RE4 complied with on from the occasions seen in Raccoon City and also occurred in a country Spanish town. This town was lived in by some really weird individuals, which we would certainly find out were contaminated with an old bloodsucker, venerated by an unsafe cult.

The gameplay of RE4 was a separation for the collection, transferring to a third-person shooter sight, however it maintained every one of the very same RE auto mechanics, consisting of ammunition preservation, problems, challenging employer battles and also all kind of insane, out of hand experiments.

Visually it was extremely outstanding, and also it played exceptionally, with an excellent control system, a lengthy and also differed tale, and also had a choice of bonus, consisting of the Mercenaries mini-game and also Ada goals, although not the Separate Ways project that located its method right into later variations.

If you just ever before play one Resident Evil video game, after that this might well be the one to select (although Resident Evil 2 makes the option challenging).

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Best GameCube Games - Metroid Prime (inc. Echoes)

1. Metroid Prime (inc. Echoes)

Our primary area needs to go to Metroid Prime, and also we’re ripping off a little by consisting of Prime 2: Echoes, as it’s basically even more of the very same with some tweaks.

Back when Nintendo exposed Metroid Prime, which was being created by Retro Studios and also not Nintendo itself, followers shared a great deal of worry, specifically when it was exposed that the video game would certainly be a first-person shooter. However, any kind of concerns quickly disappeared when the video game was launched, and also what Retro created was a magnificent Metroid title that handled to easily include traditional Metroid functions and also pity brand-new, first-person gameplay.

The globe Retro produced simply exuded the environment Metroid is understood for, and also the hefty backtracking and also power-up accumulating play was completely well balanced, with the different globe locations providing one-of-a-kind obstacles and also obstacles gamers could not bypass without the ideal devices, commonly gotten by mindful expedition and/or beating huge managers.

Metroid Prime is merely among the very best video games ever before made, and also is, in our viewpoint, the very best video game on the GameCube. 

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