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Whether you don’t know the distinction between a mark and a bump or you’ll be able to identify the contributors in each WarGames match, you’re in all probability conscious of the very best wrestling video games of all-time. Titles like SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain, WWF No Mercy, and WCW/NWO Revenge have transcended the recognition {of professional} wrestling itself and have turn out to be part of many players’ fondest reminiscences.

Yet, there are some forgotten wrestling video games which are nonetheless value remembering. While it’s true that there’s a well-defined high and backside within the wrestling recreation hierarchy, there are additionally a couple of titles someplace close to the center which were unfairly lumped collectively although a few of them deserve a spot close to the highest of the cardboard with the undisputed legends of the wrestling recreation scene.

So be part of us as we take a look at 15 of essentially the most underrated wrestling video games of all-time:

15. WWF War Zone

1998 | Sculptured Software, Acclaim | PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy

Granted, it’s not practically nearly as good as the very best wrestling video games of its period, however at a time when WWE (then WWF) was having fun with an unimaginable reputation resurgence, WWF War Zone allowed followers to dwell out a really particular period of wrestling.

War Zone’s roster is a time capsule of that period that features a fascinating mix of big-name stars and notable novelty acts. Its gameplay might have been a lot smoother, however the recreation’s presentation and graphics made it really feel particular. It’s nonetheless one of many higher PS1 wrestling video games of its period and is certain to invoke a powerful sense of nostalgia.

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14. Legends of Wrestling II

2002 | Sculptured Software, Acclaim | PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameDice, Game Boy Advance

Legends of Wrestling II’s enchantment was (and all the time will probably be) its roster. This recreation’s roster of legendary wrestlers contains some names that also haven’t been included in trendy WWE titles. The listing of superstars on this recreation contains Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Mil Mascaras, Bam Bam Bigelow, and lots of extra legends.

The recreation’s enchantment goes past its roster, although. The recreation’s territory-based story mode, which lovingly recreates the construction of ‘80s wrestling, is among the most ingenious ever featured in a wrestling recreation. It even permits you to recreate the well-known feud between Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman.

13. TNA Impact!

2008 | Midway Games | PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo DS

TNA Impact was not an incredible recreation. Its roster was skinny, its gameplay wanted a couple of extra months in growth, and it simply didn’t have practically sufficient modes and options to compete with WWE titles. However, the one factor TNA Impact did have was the advantages of the TNA identify.

It seems that counts for rather a lot. Developed through the debatable peak of TNA’s expertise stage, Impact allowed you to play as everybody, from Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe to AJ Styles and Abyss. On high of that, the sport benefited from its spectacular presentation and a surprisingly deep story mode. It was removed from excellent, nevertheless it was and is a must have for any TNA followers.

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12. MicroLeague Wrestling

1987 | MicroLeague | Commodore 64, Amiga, DOS, Atari ST, AmigaOS

MicroLeague Wrestling is arguably essentially the most obscure, odd, and engaging recreation on this listing. Released for Commodore 64, Amiga, DOS, and Atari ST, MicroLeague was truly knowledgeable wrestling technique recreation that allowed you to determine matches and careers by way of a sequence of turn-based instructions.

It could really feel hopelessly outdated at present, however MicroLeague Wrestling was a surprisingly superior idea at a time when wrestling video games have been dust easy. It could be fascinating to revisit this idea by way of some type of trendy wrestling administration recreation.

11. The Main Event

1988| Konami | Arcade

You’d assume {that a} wrestling recreation launched by Konami in 1988 could be higher recognized, however The Main Event has in some way managed to principally escape the scrutinizing lens of historical past. That might need one thing to do with its unlicensed roster that was solely vaguely (and hilariously) primarily based on precise wrestlers.

Still, The Main Event ought to have been a stepping stone for greater Konami arcade wrestling video games to return. It featured deep wrestling gameplay (for the time) that served as a preview of some extra notable wrestling video games to return.

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10. WCW Wrestling

1989| Nihon Bussan | NES

The NES wasn’t precisely referred to as a haven for excellent wrestling video games, however WCW Wrestling nonetheless deserves to be remembered above most of its console contemporaries. Somehow, although, reminiscences of it stay relegated to the few that performed it and are usually not all the time as fond as they need to be.

WCW Wrestling not solely provided WCW followers the prospect to play as a few of their favourite wrestlers of the period, nevertheless it included options akin to an expanded ringside space and customizable transfer units that have been forward of their time. This recreation actually stays one of the playable of its technology.

9. WCW Mayhem

1999| EA | PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy

It’s usually agreed that the N64 obtained higher total wrestling video games than the PS1, nevertheless it’s merely a incontrovertible fact that the N64’s WCW video games have been higher than these featured on the PlayStation. However, WCW Mayhem did provide PS1 players a style of one thing fairly good.

Granted, Mayhem was mainly a poor man’s model of the WCW N64 wrestling video games (its canceled sequel was going to be developed by the identical crew that made these N64 video games), nevertheless it was unfairly neglected by many PS1 players who have been burned by earlier WCW experiences. Of course, the sport’s N64 model was much less spectacular given its direct competitors.

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8. Power Move Pro Wrestling

1996| Yuke’s | PlayStation

Power Move Pro Wrestling was initially primarily based on the NJPW promotion, however it appears that evidently fears over the worldwide reputation of that promotion (on the time) brought on the NJPW stars to get replaced with generic wrestlers with NJPW transfer units. That determination stands as this recreation’s most evident weak spot.

Otherwise, this can be a strong wrestling title for its period. Power Move Pro Wrestling was launched on the cusp of an unimaginable technology of wrestling titles, however although it lacks a number of the refinement and options of these video games, it does boast some admirable 3D gameplay that was head and shoulders above many different wrestling video games on the time.

7. WWE Raw 2

2003| Anchor Inc. | Xbox

The WWE Raw video games for Xbox have been usually not as sturdy as their GameDice and PS2 counterparts, however they’ve been unfairly swept beneath the rug by followers that really feel that they’d little or no to supply.

WWE Raw 2 truly boasted a couple of options that will quickly turn out to be normal. The most notable of these options is the sport’s “Create an Entrance,” which not solely allow you to create customized Titantron movies however even allow you to import your personal music. Raw 2 additionally featured an attention-grabbing RPG-lite story mode that complemented its extra arcadey components.

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6. Fire Pro Gaiden: Blazing Tornado

1994| Human Entertainment | Arcade, Sega Saturn

Fire Pro Gaiden: Blazing Tornado was a 1994 Arcade/Sega Saturn recreation that mixed components of Saturday Night Slam Masters, Street Fighter, and extra “traditional” professional wrestling video games. It was an odd hybrid that was sadly neglected by too many players.

Blazing Tornado is extra of a preventing recreation than a wrestling recreation, however the ways in which it incorporates grappling and different professional wrestling components make it one of many extra notable video games of its sort. Its visuals are additionally gratifying in a cartoonish type of approach.

5. WWE WrestleMania XIX

2003| Yuke’s | GameDice, Wii

While WrestleMania X8 and XIX would ultimately be spun into the general superior Day of Reckoning titles, WrestleMania XIX deserves to be remembered each because the forerunner of that sequence and for its splendidly absurd story mode.

WrestleMania XIX’s story mode noticed you search revenge on Vince McMahon by preventing common workers and different wrestlers throughout development websites, barges, malls, and different random places. The aim is to trigger sufficient havoc to wreck WrestleMania. It’s an excellent piece of “who came up with this?” recreation design.

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4. Wrestle Kingdom 2

2007 | Yuke’s | PlayStation 2

Wrestle Kingdom 2’s launch date is notable not solely as a result of it’s the latest recreation on this explicit listing but in addition as a result of it was launched at a time when main wrestling video games have been veering extra into “simulation” territory, a time when wrestling video games stopped catering to extra informal gamers.

Well, Wrestle Kingdom 2 occurs to be “arcadey” and accessible in all the proper locations with out sacrificing depth. Its gameplay is deep sufficient for style masters, however will also be picked up pretty shortly. The incontrovertible fact that it so occurs to function some good event modes together with a formidable assortment of Japanese stars is simply the bow that tops this present to wrestling.

3. WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2006

2005| Yuke’s | PlayStation 2, PSP

“Underrated” is perhaps a little bit of a stretch on this occasion contemplating that those that love this recreation place it alongside the best wrestling video games ever made, however the reality stays that not sufficient players know that that is a fully good wrestling title.

In reality, some imagine this to be the right center floor between SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain’s lovably ridiculous gameplay and the extra grounded video games that will comply with on this sequence. SvR 2006 contains an unbelievable variety of match sorts, a really welcome common supervisor mode, and decide up and play gameplay that some on the time in comparison with the timeless WWF No Mercy. It deserves to be remembered as a traditional.

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2. King of Colosseum II

2004| Spike | PlayStation

While there are fairly a couple of Japan-only wrestling video games that will qualify as underrated within the West, many contemplate King of Colosseum II to be the crown jewel of that specific crowd. With its large roster, deep grappling system, and unimaginable create-a-wrestler mode, this recreation is commonly considered the closest we’ve come to a 3D successor to the Fire Pro Wrestling sequence (it was made by the identical crew accountable for lots of the early video games in that sequence). It’s a disgrace that it was by no means exported to the West.

1. Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation

2002| AKI Corporation | GameDice

Many individuals know that AKI Corporation, builders of these traditional N64 wrestling video games like WWF No Mercy, went on to develop the primary two wonderful Def Jam titles. What fewer individuals keep in mind is that AKI additionally developed this absolute gem of a wrestling recreation.

Essentially an anime wrestling recreation, Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation sees good and evil wrestlers battle throughout the universe. Bolstered by AKI’s all-time traditional grappling gameplay, Ultimate Muscle proves to be a splendidly over-the-top wrestling recreation that’s simply as enjoyable to observe as it’s to play. Imagine if DragonBall FighterZ and WWF No Mercy had a online game child. This is what you’d get.

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