13 Things Only Socially Awkward People Can Relate To


To say I’m socially awkward can be an understatement. I repeatedly put my foot in my mouth, talking out of flip. I continually lose my prepare of thought. Stories are hardly ever instructed to completion. There is a starting and center, however hardly ever an finish. I misunderstand (or misinterpret) social cues continually. I by no means know what to do or say. Should I supply empathy or sympathy? Supportive silence, an off-color joke, recommendation, or a hug? And I suck at small speak. I stumble over my phrases a lot as a new child fawn does their hoofs. My voice waivers and shakes. I tremble with every sentence and each step. But my social awkwardness isn’t simply exterior, it’s inner — as a lot a sense as it’s a conduct or motion.  

“Social awkwardness isn’t a mental health issue,” an article on Healthline explains. “There’s no diagnostic criteria or even a concrete definition. It’s more of a feeling, or a collection of feelings and experiences that form a pattern in your life, and these feelings and experiences often result from [a] failure to notice certain social cues [or a] misunderstanding or not noticing others’ body language.” Heidi McKenzie, a Pennsylvania-based therapist, tells Healthline: “socially awkward people might have a hard time navigating conversations or working their way into a group. As a result, they might seem a bit ‘off.’”

Here are 13 issues solely socially awkward folks will relate to — or perceive.

1. You are continually having a dialog with your self. 

From your ideas and actions to the phrases that do (or don’t) come out of your mouth, socially awkward people are continually criticizing themselves. They worry sounding silly and/or being inappropriate. Socially awkward folks, like myself, fear their ideas don’t matter. Their phrases and actions are insignificant. So they choose themselves, continually. They say issues like “you shouldn’t have done/said that. You’re so freakin’ dumb.” And socially awkward folks stick with it a perpetual inside dialogue — with themselves. Their brains by no means shut up, or decelerate.

2. You’d slightly have a tooth pulled than go to a celebration or interact in small speak at a membership or bar.

I imply, is there something worse than being sandwiched between dozens of sweaty, half-drunk dudes attempting to hit on you or (worse) interact in small speak? I believe not.

3. You by no means know what to do along with your palms. Seriously. What the hell am I purported to do with my palms?!

While it might appear unusual to debate hand placement — in spite of everything, we’re speaking about social awkwardness right here, not performing, modeling, or making shadow puppets — most socially awkward people have no idea what to do with their physique. Like, our limbs are extensions of our bumbling mind.

4. You keep away from eye contact just like the plague.

You look downward. You look to the left — after which perhaps the suitable — however you by no means, ever make direct eye contact. Why? Because in the event you do, it’s important to say one thing. You need to do one thing. Ugh. As if.

5. Accepting compliments is unattainable. The considered being admired or receiving adulation places you on edge. It additionally makes you cringe.

Friend: “You look so pretty today!”

Me: “Uh, okay. What should we order for dinner?”

6. You hate the telephone, and barely reply your door.

While this can be extra of a generational trait than something, let or not it’s recognized that socially awkward people hate speaking on the telephone. Like, really hate it. Why? Because these conversations revolve round small speak — and those that are socially stunted, like myself, keep away from meaningless banter in any respect prices.

7. You’re tremendous self-conscious.

While it might appear apparent, socially awkward people are tremendous self-conscious. From fearing judgment and crowds to saying the incorrect factor, we fear. Loads. Many of us additionally really feel we’re failing and flailing. Nothing we do is “right.” And sure, even our laughs are incorrect. We are uncomfortable and uneasy, by means of and thru.

8. You battle to make sense of your ideas.

Does the phrase “verbal diarrhea” imply something to you?

9. Ordering quick meals — or any sort of meals — stresses you out.

Three phrases: Too a lot strain.

10. You battle with names.

Whether you’re assembly a brand new particular person or colleague or pal of a pal, you gained’t recall their identify, even after a proper introduction. Why? Because socially awkward persons are so centered on their bumbling, stumbling selves that they fail to course of the second.

11. You’ve faked texts and/or telephone calls to keep away from conversations.

That, otherwise you’ve crossed the road. Search your soul. You know this to be true.

12. You’re clumsy AF.

From falling off of curbs to tripping over your individual two ft, most socially awkward persons are additionally severely unbalanced. It’s that complete disconnect between your bumbling, stumbling mind.

13. And you’re continually apologizing… like, for every little thing.

Did you communicate out of flip? Stay silent when you need to have raised your voice? Maybe you merely prevented a social scenario altogether, selecting to remain in with Netflix and wine? Whether you acted “inappropriately” or failed to indicate up, socially awkward folks apologize for every little thing. Sorry, but it surely’s true.

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